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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dance for Good Health Peace & Joy 2012- Jamming List

Dancelist for the event " DANCE FOR GOOD HEALTH PEACE& JOY 2012"

by Bunga Raya on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 7:59pm ·

8 of us - Ivy, Loi, Mr and Mrs Thien, Voo and I have booked our tickets to JB  for the event. Do join us !

DATE : 9. Dec 2012 Sunday
TIME : 10am till 6pm
VENUE: WISMA TIONG-HUA, 8TH. Floor,8, Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebrau,Johor Bahru, Johor,Malaysia

10am - 10.30am

1. Come dance with me (JoTh) 

2. A Place in the Sun (RachaelM) 

3. The Wobble (VicB) 

4. Magic Cha Cha (Ruth&Pauline) 

5. Madu dan racun (DorisLim) 

6. Ha Ha Ha (JoyceN) 

7. Rock around the clock (Unknown) 

10.30am - 11am TEACH 

11am t0 12pm

2 min only
1. Electric slide (18cts.) 

2. One step forward (BettyW & CharlotteL) 

3. Wild wild west boogie (ChrisHookie) 

4. Cowgirl’s twist (BillBader) 

5. Cowboy motion (Unknown) 

6. Cowboy cha cha (KellyG & MichelleS) 

7. Waltz across Texas (Lois&JonhN) 

8. God Blessed Texas (ShirleyKBatson) 

9. Por ti sere (JoThompson) 

10. Ghost train (KathyH) 

11. Smokey Places (MicheleP) 

12. Tush Push (JimF) 

13. Honky Tonk cha cha (DonDeyne) 

14. Honky Tonk stomp (PhyllisW ) 

15. Boot Scootin’ Boogie (BillBader) 

16. Feel The Beat (AlanR) 

17. Silver Threads (JulesL) 

18. Bobbie Sue (AliceD&TimH) 

19. Bar room Romeo (RonH) 

20. The Picnic Polka (DavidP) 

21. Louisiana Hot sauce (JoanneBrady&co) 

22. Moon time (Bill Bader) 

23. Fly like a Bird (HedyM) 

24. Hardwood Stomp (JoThompson) 

25. Pizziricco (DynamiteDot) 

full dance

26. Splish Splash (JoTh) 

27. 2001 BC Coaster (BillBader) 

28. Stars in the Heavens (BigBadJohn) 

29. Islands in the stream (KarenJ) 

30. Running Bear (NeilHale) 

31. Hot Tamales (NeilHale) 

32. All MY Heart (BillBader) 

33. J’ai du boogie (MaxP) 

34. Patient Heart (MichealVL&LisaF) 

35. Champagne on ice (Paul&KarlaD/MichealVL) 

36. Jukebox (JoTh) 

37. Country drive (DougM) 

38. Who did you call Darlin’(Kevin&MariaS) 

39. Crazy Little Thing!(Chris Hodgson) 

12.30pm – 1pm TEACH 

1pm -2.15pm


1. Dedication to my Ex. (AlisonJ) 

2. Are you ready (AmyXtian) 

3. Sexy girl (EdwardT) 

4. Amor Perdimos (IvyL) 

5. Magic Love (JaszT) 

6. Pretty! (JaszT) 

7. Qing Fei De Yi (JenniferC) 

8. Feel Good Cha (JenniferC) 

9. The Secret Move g JohnN () 

10. Wo Wen tian (JohnNg) 

11. Ja Ja Mbo (KennyT) 

12. Ibiza Swing (LeongML) 

13. Zhang Sheng (LeongML) 

14. Proud Mary Burnin’ (PhilipSob) 

15. NewDance (PhilipSob) 

16. RA Criminal (SalF) 

17. Claudia’s Waltz (WandaH) 

18. * 

19. * 

20. * 

2.15pm – 3pm TEACH 

3 -6pm

1. 1-2-3-4 (NielsP) 

2. Callabero (IraW) 

3. Geek in the pink (JohannaB) 

4. Suspicious minds (SimonW) 

5. Tequila Cha (DarrenB)* 

6. That person, that love (CountryBW) 

7. Have you ever seen the rain (DeeM) 

8. Scarborough waltz (LarryS) 

9. Caribbean pearl (MaggieG) 

10. Samba ‘huh’ (DarrenB)* 

11. Something in the water (NielsP) 

12. Mirror of my dreams (JenniferC) 

13. Bendito Rumba (GordonT) 

14. Drinkin’ wine (Frank Tr, Gerard M & MichaelB) 

15. Unmistakable (DarrenB)* 

16. Rock paper stone (MaggieG) 

17. Cha cha fortuna (RepG) 

18. Roly poly (KayJ) 

19. Misty Blue (JuliaW) 

20. Fujiyama Mama (DarrenB)* 

21. Without fire (Karl-HW) 

22. Booty music (Jo & Jackie & Judy) 

23. Alabama Slammin’ (RachaelM) 

24. Larger than life (SimonW) 

25. Every Now and Then (DarrenB)* 

26. Jamaican love (RiaV) 

27. Shy boy (KayJ) 

28. Still got the blues (NielsP) 

29. Domino (RachaelM) 

30. Skiffle Time (DarrenB)* 

31. Bittersweet memory (RiaV) 

32. Hi-A-Ma-Cha (RachaelM) 

33. Back in time (Rachael&Guyton) 

34. Blue night cha (KimR) 

35. Bring Me Sunshine (DarrenB)* 

36. Lovey dovey (kayJ) 

37. Almost Here (Jennifer&Jasmine) 

38. No Llores (RiaV) 

39. Bang bang (Rachael&Simon) 

40. Johnny Got A Boom Boom (DarrenB)* 

41. Blue sky (NielsP) 

42. Feed the Fetsih (ScottB) 

43. Follow me to the floor (GuytonM) 

44. One in a Million (DarrenB)* 

45. No Superman (DarrenB)* 

46. New dance 

47. New dance 

48. New dance 

49. New dance 

50. New dance 

Dear Friends,
This will be our 8th.year hosting this event. Due to the tight schedule we regret to say that we will NOT be entertaining requests this year. We do hope you will enjoy the event nevertheless. After all the aim of DANCE FOR GOOD HEALTH PEACE & JOY is to foster fellowship among line dancers near and far ....... 

This year special guest Darren Bailey has been invited by the Lim Sisters to grace the event.


His Line dance choreography :
With These Eyes
Trick Me
Samba Huh
I Don’t Need A Man

Darren is a 10 times consecutive World Line Dance Champion in categories such as, Classic, Showcase, Choreography, and Teams. Prior to his success on BBC’s Strictly Dance Fever he completed his dance training in Holland and toured Europe & America in theatre productions of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and “Passion and Illusion”. Darren has now retired from professional competitions, but has continued judging, choreographing and conducting workshops throughout the World. Darren has trained several of the current and previous World Line Dance Champions and continues to train the world champions of tomorrow.

In 2006 Darren was partnered with Lana Williams for the BBC1 Show, Strictly Dance Fever, where they finished as runners ups from a total of 80,000 competitors. Following this Darren, has gone on to work professionally within the entertainment industry with both performance and choreography credits to his name. Darren is now a regular choreographer for TV and has choreographed for programs such as ‘So you think you can dance’ and ‘Strictly come dancing’.

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