Watch it ! The Pirates of The Caribbean landed in KK on 29 Aug 2012. See all the smiling faces? They have seen their target ! Captain Hook came with sword and HOOK. Where is Captain Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard, the most feared pirate of all?? Missing Pirates are Loi, Diana, Janet , Amanda, Jeanie and Margaret Sinsua, Fung

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kuching Workshop: Slipped and Fell In Love

Slipped and Fell in Love -country dance

Artiste: Alan Jackson
Choreographer: Sobrielo Philip Gene (Soul Dancers Singapore)
Description: 64 counts, 2walls, Intermediate line dance

1-2 step right to right, step left beside right
3&4 step right forward, step left slightly beside right, step right forward
5-6 step left forward, pivot 1/2 turn right ending weight on right
7-8 walk forward left, right

1-2 rock forward on left, recover weight onto right
3&4 making 1/2 turn left step left forward, step right slightly beside left, step left forward
5-6 making 1/4 turn left rock right to right, recover weight onto right
7&8 step right back, making 1/4 turn right step left forward step right forward

1-2 cross left over right, recover weight onto right
&3-4 step left to left, cross right over left, step left to left
5-6 cross rock right over left, recover weight onto left
&7-8 step right to left, cross left over right, step right to right

1-2 flick left behind right, doing a figure 4, hold
3-4 step left to left side, hold
5-8 hip bumps right, left, right, left

1&2 step right diagonally right, lock left behind right, step right diagonally right
3&4 step left diagonally left, lock right behind left, step left diagonally left
5-6 rock forward on right, recover weight on left
7&8 making 1/2 turn right step right forward, step left slightly beside right, step right forward

1-2 rock left forward, recover weight on right
&3-4 step left forward ¼ turn left, rock right forward, recover weight onto left
5&6 making 1/2 turn right step right forward, step left slightly beside right, step right forward
7-8 rock left forward, recover weight onto right

1&2 rock cross left behind right, recover weight onto right, stepping right forward, 1/4 turn left
3-4 rock right forward, recover weight onto left
5&6 making 1/2 turn right step right forward, step left slightly beside right, step right forward
7&8 making 1/2 turn right step left back, step right slightly beside left

&1-2 step right to right, touch left over right, hold
&3-4 step left to left, touch right over left, hold
&5-8 step right to right, pop knees left, right, left, right

Kuching Workshop:Do Something, a hip hop dance

Can you spot our KK Linedancers?

Do Something
Choreographed by: Sobrielo Philip Gene (Young Guns Singapore)
Music: Do Something (Album: My Perogative) by Britney Spears
Descriptions: 32 count - 4 wall - Intermediate level line dance


Start on vocal
1 Jump back on both feet (feet apart)
2 Swing and cross hand over each other above head (fists clenched)
3 Swing and punch hands down to respective sides
4 Touch right beside left
5 With right elbow bent, elbow right to right (chest level)
6 On ball of left, twist feet ¼ turn left
7-8 Stretch right hand back(7), bring hands back to bent position (chest level)(8)

1&2 Kick right forward(1), making ¼ turn right step right to right(&),step left to left(2)
3&4 Cross right behind left(3), step left to left(&),cross right over left(3)
5-6 Making 1/4 turn left step left forward(5), point right to right (6)
7 Hip bump left (swing right hand across body to left side and look left)(right still pointing)
8 Hip bump right(swing right hand back to right side and look right)(right still pointing)

Optional hand movement:7-8 it's like you are holding a wip and wipping someones butt. There is a strong beat everytime you do counts 7-8

1&2 Kick right forward(1), step right beside left (&) point left back(2)
3-4 Make ½ left transferring weight from right to left(3), step right to right
5-6 Roll head anti-clockwise
7-8 Hip roll anti-clockwise
Note: When doing counts 5 - 8 you must feel you are doing a figure 8

1&2 Rock right back to left(1), recover weight onto left(&), step right to right(2)
3&4 Rock left back of right(3), recover weight onto right(&), long slide left to left(4)
5 Step right beside left
6 Using right hand put onto chest and left hand put onto stomach
7-8 Do 2 chest pumps (beat according to music)

Start again

On the 4th wall, do 16 counts of the dance and restart from the start (back wall)

Kuching Workshop:Crush, a feel of jazz

Performance by Philip & Karar Line Dance

Kuching Workshop:(Waltz )Can I Have This Dance

I can see Ivy, Amanda, Georgia, Janet. Who else can we spot?

Philip Sobrielo as MJ in action, in Kuching

All the guests were treated to a wonderful MJ performance. Philip really looks like MJ! The supporting Karar Line Dancers did a good job, especially in Thriller

Monday, June 28, 2010

A very enjoyable workshop with Philip Sobrielo in Kuching

One must congratulate Karar Line Dance Group for their time and effort to organise a very successful function which ended with a Dinner & Dance. All the guests were treated to a variety of beautiful dance performances by Philip and the Karar Line Dancers.Also see
Our KK line dancers were warmly received by them and they even managed to provide us with a friend, Danny to look after our all transport needs.

Every Line Dancer can relate to Philip, who excels in Hip Hop & Michael Jackson's dance style. He is a good dancer & choreographer in many dance genre and managed to share with us the different dance styles in line dance. After the workshop participants can now try their styles in Country, Latin, Hip Hop and Pop depending on the dance & music. His highly commended instructing skills are such that he makes every dance look so simple and easy to follow.
He taught his own choreographies in the workshop:-
1. Country - I Slipped & Fell
2. Latin - Blood On The Dance Floor
3. Waltz - Can I Have This Dance
4. Jazz - Crush
5. Hip Hop - Do Something.
Our Line Dancers who attended the workshop will share these dances with the rest in class.

Food for Thought - Shall we invite Philip for a Charity Workshop in KK ?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

15 Dances from Jamming to be carried forward

In our tradition , we always "throw away" all the old dances and start afresh. However this time it will be different. We are now building our "heritage " of favourite dances that we can keep and remember for many years to come. Just like "blue chips" in the stock market . The winners from the recent jam are:-
1. Martini Moments
2. Dog-gone-blues
3. Something Good
4. Stuck On Elvis
5. Wasted Days
6. Ay Amor
7. Fujiyama Mama
8. Come as You Are
9. Mi Amore
Gradually we will build a long list of EVERGREEN dances like Amame, Come Dance With me, Islands in the Stream, Fanilow Eyes, Wild Ponies, DHHS, Magic Cha Cha and Smokey Places. All suggestions are welcomed. Just make sure it is not a difficult dance and the music must appeal to most people.
The objective of building this list of Evergreen Dances is for us to enjoy them by regular practise so that we will always have a list of dances in our "head" . This means we can party anytime ! While we always look forward to new dances every week, we know we will not want to keep all of them for too long as it will be borring...

We will also continue with these current favourites until we get tired of them:-
1. What U waiting For
2. Undercover
3. Nobody But You
4. Waka Waka, our original until the World Cup is over
5. So Sexxy
6. Latin Crazy

For for next few classes, starting Monday 28 June, we shall danced the above 15 dances before our new dance for the day. And, Always be My Baby.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Change in Class Venue

From now up to 17 July 2010:-
All Wed classes will be shifted to The Sacred Heart Hall.(30/6, 7/7, 14/7)
All Sat classes will be shifted to John's Dance Academy.(3,10,17/7)
All Monday classes will remain unchanged in Sacred Heart

We will return to Luyang Hall on Wed, 21 July 2010.
Any inconvenience caused is much regreted.

Kuching Workshop With Philip Sobrielo on this Sat 26 June

14 of us are are flying to Kuching to attend the workshop on Sat . We will bring home some exciting dances to share with all of you. Philip will share with us some styling for a Salsa dance, a country dance , a hip hop dance etc.

Take note of the cancellation of the sat class on 26 June.

A Healthy 2nd Jamming Party for 2010

Our 2nd Jamming party on 23 June 2010 was indeed successful with lots of fruits to savour and 26 dances to enjoy. A big Thank You to everyone for the healthy and delicious fruits - what a big variety ! Most of us were really exhausted after the jamming which proves that we need to dance continuously more often.

Thanks to Marianna and Michael for shooting the videos of our Jamming. Refer to youtube channels of KKLD2009 and Stepinlinedance

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oop's ! Has Yipee banned all users from using their website?

Well , you can now use for your stepsheets and video clips from youtube.

I have extracted the explaination fron Jennifer Choo's website:-

"I heard that the real reason for Yipee being down is because the hosting company that hosts has banned them. And why did the hosting company ban Yipee? Simply because Yipee is growing too quickly and they register too many hits, way too many for the small hosting company to managed. And so, every other sites that the hosting company hosts, also went down, probably cos Yipee is taking a whole big lot of their limited bandwidth.
Meanwhile, let’s hope Yipee will resolve this asap and get up and run as usual again. I know how Yipee can be a lifeline to many line dancers out there!"
Thanks Jennifer

Friday, June 18, 2010

Time to learn Always Be My Baby

After all the many revision classes we've had I think we are pretty good with the 26 dances for our jamming next week.
For this Sat 19 June, let's enjoy a new dance , Always Be my Baby, choreographed by Philip Sobrielo. I have posted this dance earlier. For stepsheet and video clip, please go to the SEARCH column and enter the dance name.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Change in class venue and Class cancellation

Please take note:-
1. For this Sat, 19 June, class will be held in John's Dance Academy(chess competition in Luyang Hall)
2. For the following Sat 26 June, class will be cancelled as 14 of us will be attending the Philip Sobrielo Workshop in Kuching.
Reminder: Our Jamming Party will be held on next Wed, 23 June. Starts at 7pm. Please have your dinner before you come. Potluck of fresh fruits only. Come dressed in bright colours

FIFA World Cup 2010 Opening Ceremony:Shakira -WAKA WAKA -FIFA World Cup 2010 Celebration concert

Hey, our EZ Waka Waka dance copies the actions of the dancers in the chorus section of the song.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Let's add EZ Waka Waka to our Original Waka Waka Dance

This is a cute easy (EZ) line dance choreographed by Winnie Yu to our same Waka Waka song. To enjoy both choreographies we shall now dance 2 in 1, starting with EZ Waka Waka and continuing with our Waka Waka for the next half. ( refer to our sequence in the stepsheet below)

EZ Waka Waka ...refer to our 2 in 1 sequence below
Choreographed by:Winnie Yu (Dancepooh) Canada (June 10)
Music:Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) by Shakira (CD: The Official 2010 Fifa World Cup Song)
Descriptions:PH count - Beginner/Intermediate level line dance

Intro:10 count

Sequence: ABCD ABCDD ABDD AE ......We shall start our WAKA WAKA after the 2nd ABCD, ie we start on D, which is our B in WAKA WAKA

*** This is dedicated to The Salvation Army Women's Camps 2010 - Line Dance Workshop

Sec AR & L (Heel Forward, Toe Back) X3, Heel Forward, Step With Clap Hands
1-2 Touch right heel forward to the L diagonal, Touch right toe back
3-6 Repeat counts 1-2 two times
7-8 Touch right heel forward to the L diagonal, Step diagonal to the R and clap hands
9-16 Repeat count 1 to 8 start with L foot (Mirror image to L)
17-32 Repeat count 1 to 16

Sec BShuffle ¼ Right, Touch, Shuffle ½ Left, Touch ¼ Right, (Touch, Step)
1-4 Make a ¼ turn right and stepping forward on right (3:00), Step left next to right, step forward on right, touch left foot next to right
Optional arms: Spread out your arms and move in a circular direction (right hand going clockwise, left hand going counter-clockwise) 2 times
5-8 Make a ½ turn left and stepping forward on left (9:00), Step right next to left, step forward on left, Make a ¼ turn right, touching right foot next to left (12:00)
Optional arms: same as count 1 to 4
9-12 Touch R forward, step right foot together, touch L forward, step left foot together
13-16 Repeat counts 9-12
17-32 Repeat count 1 to 16

Sec C(Side, Side, Chasse R, Side, Side, Chasse L) X4
1-2,3&4 Small hop right to right side, hop left to left side, hop right to right side, hop left next to right, hop right to right side
5-6,7&8 Small hop left to left side, hop right to right side, hop left to left side, hop right next to left, hop left to left side
9-32 Repeat count 1 to 8 – L, R, L 3 times

Sec DOut, Out, In, In, Step In Place X4
1-4 Step right forward to the right diagonal, step left forward to left diagonal, step right backward, step left next to right Optional arms: Put your arms in a prayer position in front of chest elbows out to side. As you step out on right foot, move your right shoulder to the right side. As you step out on left foot, move your left shoulder to the left side… X2
5-8 Step in place – R, L, R, L
Optional arms: Your arms still in a prayer position, rolling your arms outwards 2 times (count 5,6). throws arms over your shoulders 2 times (count 7,8)
9-16 Repeat count 1 to 8

*Ending (Section E): Free styling turning around your body L, R, L, R over 32 counts with your hands up like flying. And put your arms back to a prayer position & pose.