Watch it ! The Pirates of The Caribbean landed in KK on 29 Aug 2012. See all the smiling faces? They have seen their target ! Captain Hook came with sword and HOOK. Where is Captain Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard, the most feared pirate of all?? Missing Pirates are Loi, Diana, Janet , Amanda, Jeanie and Margaret Sinsua, Fung

Thursday, December 31, 2009

1st Line Dance for 2010- Dancing In The Street

Our first class for 2010 will be Monday 4 Jan. Let's start with a fun & easy dance. And with a revision for Wild Cats Go ! Both dances by Mei Ling. See the video clips below taken recently on Christmas Day and you will agree its gonna be FUN. Mei Ling, in blue top is leading both dances. See step sheets below

Dancing In The Street
Choreographed by: Leong Mei Ling, Malaysia (Dec 09)
Music: Dancing In The Street by Atomic Kitten
Descriptions: 64 count - 2 wall - Beginner/Intermediate level line
Intro: 32 counts

Sequence: 56, 64, TAG [6:00], 56, 64, TAG [12:00], 64 **(8 ct finger snaps)** [12:00], 64, 64....

1-8 Diagonal Step Touches, 3-Point Turn To Right, Touch
1-4 Step R diagonal forward, touch L beside, Step L diagonal forward, touch R beside
5-8 1/4 turn right step R forward, 1/2 turn right step L back, 1/4 turn right step R to side, touch L beside R

9-16 Cross Shuffles, Jazz Box Touch
1&2 (Angle body to 10:30) Cross L over R, step R to right, cross L over R [10:30]
3&4 (Angle body to 1:30) Cross R over L, step L to left, cross R over L [1:30]
5-8 Cross L over R, step R back [square back to wall] , step L to side, touch R beside L [12:00]

18-24 Side Steps Right, Side Steps Left
1-4 Step R to side, step L beside R, stepR to side, touchL beside R
5-8 Step L to side, step R beside L, step L to side, touchR beside L

25-32 Hip Pushes, Hip Bumps
1-2 Press ball of R to right as you push your R hip to right, step on R (R hip back to neutral)
3-4 Press ball of L to left while pushing L hip to left, step on L (L hip back to neutral)
5-8 Bump hips R, L, R, L

33-40 Syncopated Jazz Box, Point, 1/4 Turn Step Together, Point Switches, Together
1-2 Cross R over L, step L back
&3-4 Step ball of R beside L, cross L over R, point R to right
5 1/4 turn right step R beside L [3:00]
6&7&8& Point L to left, step L beside R, point R to right, step R beside L, point L to side, step L beside R

41-48 Rock Forward, Shuffle Back, Rock Back, Shuffle Forward
1-2 Step R forward, recover weight to L
3&4 Step R back, step L beside, step R back
5-6 Step L back, recover weight to R
7&8 Step L forward, step R beside L, step L forward

49-56 Rock Forward, 1/4 Turn Sailor, Rock Forward, Coaster Step
1-2 Step R forward, recover to L
3&4 1/4 turn right step R behind L, step L to side, step R forward
5-6 Step L forward, recover to R
7&8 Step L back, step R beside L, step L forward
RESTART here for the 1st & 3rd rotation of the dance

57-64 Step 1/2 Turn, Step, Hold, Full Turn Right, Step, Touch
1-4 Step R forward, 1/2 turn left placing weight on L, step R forward, hold
5-8 1/2 turn right stepping L back, 1/2 turn right stepping R forward, step L forward, touch R beside

TAG (16 cts): AFTER the 1st & 2nd 64 counts
1-4 (Angle body right) Step R to side, touch L beside, (angle body left) step L to side, touch R beside
5-8 Step R to side as you push right shoulder R, transfer weight back to L push left shoulder left, transfer back to R pushing right shoulder to right, touch L beside
1-8 Do the opposite of the above 8 counts.

**AFTER the 3rd 64 counts [12:00], (there will be an 8-count silence in the music track), Dance the entire 64 counts of the dance as usual but on the 64th count drop/lower the body towards the floor
5-7 1/2 turn right step L back, 1/2 turn right step R forward, step L forward
8 (bend knees and drop body slightly low towards the ground)

Then add these **8 counts alternating finger snaps**:
1-2 Snap fingers (R hand) to bottom right diagonal, snap fingers (L hand) to bottom left diagonal
3-4 Repeat 1-2 but slightly higher up
5-6 Repeat 1-2 but snaps are now about shoulder level
7-8 Repeat 1-2, top right and left diagonals (above head level)
Note: As the fingers snap away, the body will gradually rise to standing position.

Choreographed by:
Leong Mei Ling (Nov/Dec 08)
Now Or Never (from the movie High School Musical 3)
Phrased, 1 wall, Intermediate line dance
Sequence: AABB, AAB, (TAG), BB, FINALE (16 counts)
Intro: 48 counts

PART A (32 counts)
1&2 (Body angled to left diagonal at 10:30) Press ball of right to right side, recover weight to left, step
right beside left
3&4 (Body angled to right diagonal at 1:30) Press ball of left to left side, recover weight to right, step left
beside right
(While doing these steps, imagine yourself bouncing the basketball in front of you first with the right hand, then with the
left. This would also provide you the handstyling for the steps)
5-6 Step forward right, left (Keep body angled to right diagonal at 1:30 until count 8, but steps are still
moving towards 12:00)
7&8 Step right forward, recover on left, step right beside left
(For counts 5-8, imagine yourself dribbling the ball with your right hand on your right side, getting ready for a shoot. Or alternatively you can snap your fingers)

&1 Jump up on both feet (knees bent whilst in mid-air), land feet shoulder-width apart (throw arms down to sides)
2-3 Move shoulders right, left
4&5 Move shoulders right, left, right
6&7 Step left behind right, step right forward to right diagonal, step left forward
8&1 Step right behind left, step left forward to left diagonal, step right forward

2-3 Step left across right, step back right
4-5 1/2 turn left step left forward, 1/2 turn left step back on right
6 1/8 turn left step left to left side, shoulder-width apart [10:30]
7&8& Swivel right heel out to right, swivel back to left and place weight on it,
Swivel left heel out to left, swivel back to right and place weight on it
1 Bottom up body roll (keeping weight mostly on left)
(Easier option: roll shoulders from back to front)

&2 [Still facing 10:30] Bring ball of right next to left, cross left over right
3&4 Step back right, step back left, cross right in front of left
5 Turn 1/8 left, step left to side [9:00]
6-8 Turn 1/4 left, press right to right side (x3)
& Lift right foot slightly off the floor (to prep for the next step for either Part A or B)
(Handstyling option: while paddling, place right arm at chest level, horizontal to the ground, elbow bent and slightly tilted up. Roll forearm in clockwise motion)

PART B (32 counts)
a1-2 Skip slightly on left foot to launch yourself to the right, step right to right side, point left foot
behind right (fully extended)
a3-4 Skip slightly on right foot to launch yourself to the left, step left to left side, point right foot behind left (fully extended)
(Handstyling: Raise both arms above head on the side step[1]. Throw arms down to the direction of the pointed foot [2]. Repeat for the other side [3, 4].)
5-8 Step right to right and bump hip right(4x)
(Handstyling: Draw an aerial ‘C’: swing right arm in a semi-circle (CW) from bottom to right diagonal above head[5]; swing back down in a semi-circle (CCW) to right hip [6]; swing back up again (CW) [7]; swing back
(CCW) midway to chest level and jab elbow to the right at the same time drop head towards right shoulder [8]

a1-2 Skip slightly on right foot to launch yourself to the left, step left to left side, point right foot behind left (fully extended)

a3-4 Skip slightly on left foot to launch yourself to the right, step right to right side, point left foot behind right (fully extended)
5-6 Step left forward and out to left diagonal, step right forward and out to right diagonal
7-8 Step left back to centre, step right back to centre (feet slightly apart)
(Handstyling: Punch right arm forward and to left diagonal [5], punch left arm to right diagonal crossing over extended right arm [6], bring left hand to left hip [7], bring right hand to right hip [8])

a1-2 Skip slightly on right foot to launch yourself to the left, step left to left side, point right foot across and behind left (fully extended)
a3-4 Skip slightly on left foot to launch yourself to the right, step right to right side, point left foot across and behind right (fully extended)
5&6 Kick left to left diagonal, step ball of left next to right, step right across left [12:00]
7-8 Turn 3/4 left step on left, Turn 1/4 left step right to right
(Option: make the 3/4 turn, then jump and land facing 12:00)

1-2 Touch left forward to left diagonal, place weight on left
3-4 Touch right forward to right diagonal, place weight on right (Lean back a little each time you touch forward)
(Handstyling: Using the opposing hand to the stepping foot, elbow bent and hand fisted, swing the forearm from the elbow in a down, down motion as if you’re pounding something with your fist)
&5 Step left beside right, point right to right
6-7 Step right across left, point left to left
8 Step left across right

TAG (4+32 counts
)...this is the part of the song where Zac Efron’s character sings to Vanessa Hudgens’ character.
Musical Crescendo:
1&2&3&4 Take really tiny baby steps back: right, left, right, left, right, left, right (Curl your upper body forward, both hands extended forward and slowly moving in towards chest. Visualise yourself as if you’ve one end of a rope tied around your waist and you’re being pulled very quickly backwards)
HANDS (vocals)
1 ‘STARBURST’ - Step left to left straighten body and raise both arms above head in a ‘V’ (fingers open, palms facing forward)
2-8 Bring raised arms towards chest over 7 counts (hands closed in a fist facing in)

1-3 1/4 turn right step forward right, 1/2 turn right step back left, 1/4 turn right step right to side
4 Hold
5-8 Sway left, hold; Sway right, hold

1-3 1/4 turn left step forward left, 1/2 turn left step back right, 1/4 turn left step left to side
4 Hold
5-8 Sway right, hold; Sway left, hold

&1-2 Step ball of right beside left, cross step left over right, hold
(Hands: extend right arm to right, palm facing forward)
3-4 Cross step right over left, hold
(Hands: place right fist over heart)
5-6 Walk forward left, right
7&8 Small steps forward, left, right; Step left beside right

GRAND FINALE (16 counts)
1-3 Step right to side, step left behind right, 1/4 turn right step right forward,
4-5 Step left forward, 1/2 turn right stepping right forward
6-8 1/4 turn right step left to left, step right behind left, 1/4 turn left step forward left
9-12 Step right forward, 1/2 turn left stepping left forward, 1/4 turn left step right to right, step left in place
1& Punch right arm forward and to left diagonal, Punch left arm across to right diagonal (over right arm)
2& Drop right arm to right side of body (palm facing forward),
Drop left arm to left side of body (palm facing forward)
3& Place right palm to left shoulder, place left palm to the right shoulder
4 Throw both arms up and above head in a ‘V’ for a BIG finish! (TA-DA!)

Bosa Nova, Like a Dream, El Lado Oscure , One Step At A Time, & For The First Time

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Greetings to Everybody

I hope everyone is having a wonderful year end holiday and is looking forward to line dance classes again starting Monday, 4 Jan 2010.
In the meantime do enjoy our Year End Party '09 slideshows of photos and 13 video clips of us happily dancing and enjoying ourselves. And don't forget to view the excellent dance performance and choreography by Rizal, Nadia and Brandon.

Thanks to everyone for contributing to the success of our party.

Our closing for the Party

Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Year End Party this Wednesday

Let's dress up for our theme party "Sunshine".You may win the best dressed prize. Judging is based on how colourful & bright you look.
Watch out for our SLIDE SHOW of photos after the party
Remember, there is a penalty to pay if you come dressed all in BLACK. So Table Leaders, please inform your friends.

7.00pm - Arrival of Brightly Dressed Line Dancers
7.30pm - Dinner will be served (on your table)
8.00pm - Dress Parade for everyone. Make sure you stop to smile at the video before turning away. Selection of Best Dressed.
8.20pm - jamming(10 dances)
9.00pm - Special Programme
9.20pm - Jamming (10 dances)
10.00pm - Special programme
10.20pm - Jamming 3 (10 dances)
11.00pm - Goodnight

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Boogie Shoes & Booty Music

Please come at 7pm on Wed for revision. We shall do 2 dances, My Boogie Shoes, choreographed by the Mirandas and Booty Music .I can't find any video clips for My Boogie Shoes which is a very ,very simple dance to a great oldie by KC & The Sunshine Band.
Booty Music is currently a very popular dance choreographed by Jackie Miranda, Jo Thompson and Judy Mcdonald. They won 1st prize in the Windy City Line Dance Event. Can't wait to try out this exciting & fun dance. Very challenging in the Shoulder Bumps (not a shimmy)

For Saturday, we shall do Bosa Nova. This will complete all the dances for 2009.

Booty Music performed by the 3 choreographers

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The last 4 New Dances for 2009

Our last 4 classes for 2009 are:-
7 Dec(Mon), 9 Dec (Wed), 12 Dec (Sat)and 14 Dec(Mon).
Then comes our Year End Party on 16 Dec (Wed).
The following dances will be taught.
1. Like a Dream
2. Bosa Nova (voted as the top favourite line dance by Kickit Survey in Oct'09)
3. Boogie Shoes - sorry I cannot find any Video clip
4. Booty Music

Like A Dream

Friday, December 4, 2009

Just Seventeen

Just Seventeen. The song is " I saw her Standing There" by the Beatles. The Choreography is by the very popular fun couple Doug & Jackie Miranda (USA)who are professional line dancers and entertainers who have travelled to many countries to conduct line dance workshops. They were the MCs and Instructors for Dance Funtasia '07 which I attended. Have I shown you my photograph with them?

Revision for:- 1. For The First Time 2. You & I and 3. a run through for all the jamming dances, probably a minute or 2 per dance.

The Mirandas in a workshop in Japan. Just Seventeen is one of the dances shown here:-

Just Seventeen
Choreographed by: Doug & Jackie Miranda (Oct 09)
Music: I Saw Her Standing There by The Beatles
Descriptions: 64 count - 4 wall - Beginner/Intermediate level line dance
Start on vocals after 16 count intro

Set 1 Stomp Forward On Right With Claps; Stomp Forward on Left With Claps
1,2& Stomp R forward at slight diagonal to R, clap 2 times on count 2 &
3,4 Hold for count 3, clap on count 4
5,6& Stomp L forward on slight diagonal to L, clap 2 times on count 6 &
7,8 Hold on count 7, clap on 8

Set 2 Rock Forward, Recover, Rock Back, Recover Forward, Step Forward, ¼ Turn Left, Touch, Hold
1-4 Rock forward on R, recover back on L, rock back on R, recover forward on L
5-8 Step forward on R, turn ¼ L transferring weight to L, touch R next to L, hold (weight on L)

Set 3 “Shoop” to Right Side, “Shoop” ¼ Turn Left
1-4 Step R to R side at slight angle, slide L next to R, step R to R side, touch L next to R
(with elbows bent push arms slightly forward and back , forward and back)
5-8 As you make a ¼ turn L, step forward on L, slide R next to L, step forward on L, touch R next to L
(with elbows bent push arms slightly forward and back , forward and back)

Set 4 Step Touches Traveling Back
1-4 Step back on R, touch L next to R, step back on L, touch R next to L
5-8 Repeat steps 1-4 above

Set 5 Step Lock Forward, Brush, ¼ Turn Twist To Left Side
1-4 Step forward on R, lock L behind R, step forward on R, brush L forward into ¼ turn R
5-8 Twist to L side

Set 6 Turn Twist To Right Side, Slide to Left, Hold
1-4 Twist to R side, weight ending on R
5-8 Take a big step slide to L side on L on count 5 (weight on L) and hold for 3 counts (slightly drag R to L)

Set 7 Vine Right, Hitch, ½ Turn Into Vine Left
1-4 Step R to R side, step L behind R, start to make ½ turn R by stepping R into ¼ turn R, make another ¼ turn R as you hitch L
5-8 Step L to L side, step R behind L, step L to L side, touch R next to L

Set 8 Toe Struts Forward, ½ Turn Over Right, Toe Struts Backwards
1-4 Touch R toe forward, step down on heel of R, touch L toe forward, step down on L heel
5-8 Make a ½ turn R as you touch R toe back, step down on R heel, touch L toe back, step down on L heel traveling back slightly

Two EASY RESTARTS: To fit the phrasing of the music, there will be two restarts: After dancing the 64 count pattern 2X (you will have completed 2 walls and be starting the dance for the 3rd time to the back/ 6 o’clock wall); dance only 40 counts of the dance (up to counts 1-4 only of set 5) and then restart at the 3 o’clock wall after the twist to the R. Then dance the 64 count pattern again 2X and dance only 40 counts of the dance and restart at the back/ 6 o’clock wall.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas gift Ideas - Pretty Bags at a Budget

You can view an assortment of bags of all shapes and designs priced between RM26 to RM30 plus in
Happy Shopping.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Final Jamming List for Year End Party '09

The dances will be arranged as listed below. We get to rest after each round of 10 dances for some exciting programme. Ladies may wear pretty party/evening dresses and dancing shoes with low or high heels and leave our socks and sneakers behind for class practise. Reminder : Our theme is "Sunshine". You may still wear some black eg skirt , pants, shoes BUT add on something colourful....if you come all in black..there is a penalty

Part 1
1. Chica Boom Boom
2. Nobody But You
3. Action
4. Jesse James
5. Speak With Your Heart
6. Toes
7. Love, Love Me Do
8. Go Mama Go
9. Time To Swing
10 Louisiana Swing

Part 2
1. Music'08
2. Let's Get Loud '08
3. 1 2 Step
4. Rumba Fascination
5. El Lado Oscure
6. Boogie Shoes
7. Just 17
8. Booty Music
9. Xiang Xi He Pan
10. One Step At A Time

Part 3
1. Pop,Lock & Drop
2. Scooby Do
3. Why So Serious
4. Tap Room Boogie
5. Sister Kate
6. Bosa Nova
7. Like A Dream
8. For The First Time
9. You & I
10.Vaya Con Dios

New Dance for Wed, 2nd Dec 2009 - Louisiana Swing

Its the the season to be jolly...for light and jolly dances. Louisiana Swing, a simple and upbeat dance is choreographed by: Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie. Description: 32 count 4 wall, Refer to for the stepsheet.