Watch it ! The Pirates of The Caribbean landed in KK on 29 Aug 2012. See all the smiling faces? They have seen their target ! Captain Hook came with sword and HOOK. Where is Captain Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard, the most feared pirate of all?? Missing Pirates are Loi, Diana, Janet , Amanda, Jeanie and Margaret Sinsua, Fung

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Inspiration & Motivation to dance from Bronya

PLease see the following youtube clips to see Bronya demonstrating many beautiful dances for us.( more will be added as soon as our Mariana is ready. TQ Mariana)
It is indeed an eye opener to see how a dance looks when it is danced from the heart - the dance speaks to you . It is such a pleasure to watch Bronya dance.

Bronya is indeed a firm teacher with a sense of fun and she has the passion to instill the importance of technique in all dance forms as Technique is the most important foundation for all dancers.

Bronya has imparted some foundation technique for cha cha and rumba in her workshop class with us. She has given us a variety of options to use for our styling to help us dance better. All of us are different in dance abilities and may not be comfortable in some of the body movements & hand actions. Therefore only adopt the selected movements to suit you or make you comfortable and help you to MOVE YOUR BODY

Some of us are sometimes so busy trying to remember steps that we get stressed out just to recall all the patterns,tags & restarts for so many different dances. As a result when we dance we dance from the brain ! No feelings, no expression. We don't get the HAPPY DANCING feel. Now I understand why some say, Line Dance can be stressful !

However we exercise our brains and improve our stamina as we get a good sweat out after each line dance class. Still GOOD, better than no exercise !

For the next week or so, we shall try to learn from Bronya and improve ourselves - try to dance from our heart and allow our body to move from our body core centre and really feel every movement of the dance. The Rumba Fascination is so tiring and leaves you breathless when the music finishes ! The same goes for El Lada Oscure.

USE OUR BRAIN TO MEMORISE THE STEPS and USE OUR BODY/HEART TO DANCE - That's when Rhythm & movement comes together. Not easy but we can try.

I shall also share with you a simple & fun Hip Hop dance choreographed by Bronya, 1 2 step, song of the same title by Ciara (no written step sheet available)

Lastly I just want to say "You don't have to dance like Bronya. Just be yourself , dance your style, dance from your heart. And always improve yourself."
Happy Dancing!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jamming List for Bronya's Party on Saturday 31 Oct 2009

This line dance social - a dinner & dance is opened to all line dancers to gather together, chit chat, eat & dance. Guest of Honour - Bronya Bishorek.

venue: Tanjung Aru Seafood Restaurant, (opposite Waikiki)
time : 7 to 11 pm
Attire : Casual
(We will be dancing in the open area beside the beach. The floor is tiled.If it rains we shall dance in the restaurant.)

Our list of jamming dances :
1. Cumbia Semana
2. Nobody But You
3. Cha Cha
4. Aye Amor
5. Love Me Do
6. Go Mama Go
7. Speak With Your Heart
8. El Lado Oscure
9. Tap Room Boogie
10. Pop Lock & Drop
11. Why So serious
12. Scooby Do
13.Jesse James
14.Sister Kate
15. Toes
16. Action
17. Rumba Fascination
Please practise so that we can burn the floor together! Its more fun if we can all do the same dances TOGETHER

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dance Survey By Kickit as at 26 Oct 2009

It is always interesting to know what are the most known dances, most favourite dances, most taught dances and most danced dances from around the world. So here goes......results from a recent survey :-
All Kickit ( subscribers were invited to participate in 4 ongoing surveys.
The Top 10 results for each survey as at 26 Oct 2009 are shown here. (Due to ties, lists may show more than 10 dances.)

A. Most Known
1 Come Dance With Me by Jo Thompson
2 Tush Push by Jim Ferrazzano & Kenneth Engel
3 Cruisin' by Neil Hale
4 Electric Slide by Unknown
5 Wave On Wave by Alan G. Birchall
6 Watermelon Crawl by Sue Lipscomb
7 Chill Factor by Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead
8 Dizzy by Jo Thompson
9 Waltz Across Texas by Lois & John Nielson
10 D.H.S.S. (Delicious, Hot, Strong & Sweet) by Gaye Teather

1 Bosa Nova by Phil Dennington
2 (tie) Chill Factor by Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead
Come Dance With Me by Jo Thompson
4 Rio by Diana Lowery
5 Rebel Amor by Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos
6 (tie) Amame by Robbie McGowan Hickie
Bomshel Stomp by Jamie Marshall & Karen Hedges
Dizzy by Jo Thompson
Zjozzys Funk by Petra Van de Velde
10 (tie) Crazy Foot Mambo by Paul McAdam
Islands In The Stream by Karen Jones

C.Most Taught
1 Cumbia Semana by Ira Weisburd
2 Chica Boom Boom by Vikki Morris
3 (tie) Mamma Maria by Frank Trace
Toes by Rachael McEnaney
5 Cool Chick by Robbie McGowan Hickie
6 Louisiana Swing by Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie
7 Mojo Rhythm by Rob Fowler
8 (tie) Ah Si! by Rita Masur
Sag, Drag & Fall by Frank Trace
10 People Are Crazy by Will Craig
D.Most Danced
1 Cumbia Semana by Ira Weisburd
2 Chica Boom Boom by Vikki Morris
3 Toes by Rachael McEnaney
4 Bosa Nova by Phil Dennington
5 Mamma Maria by Frank Trace
6 (tie) Cool Chick by Robbie McGowan Hickie
Country As Can Be by Suzanne Wilson
Louisiana Swing by Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie
Mojo Rhythm by Rob Fowler
10 (tie) Go Mama Go by Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie
Roomba by Guyton Mundy

Let's put more Rhythm / Action in our Line Dance

The video clip below on a line dance competition demonstrates how some simple body expressions can make a line dance so exciting and makes the dancer enjoy the dance even more. We can try out a few of these body movements , practise them and hey, its great exercise for us too!
Age is just a number for dancers and here we see that dancers of all ages can enjoy the same dance together


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rumba Fascination For Wed 28 Oct 2009

This is a very basic Rumba Line Dance which was used in the recent Line Dance Competitions as shown below.The steps are easy with the difficulty in HOLDING count 1 and 5. We do not aim to add all the body expressions - just the ones that we feel comfortable with!

For this coming Fri, Bronya will show us the styling of all 3 dances (instead of just 2 , as mentioned in our last posting ):-
1. Speak With Your Heart
2. El Lado Oscure
3. Rumba Fascination
We must therefore master all the steps before her class. All 3 dances have very easy steps.
If time permits, we shall also teach this dance for the Monday class so that we have sufficient revision before Bronya's class.

Please link to to view the stepsheet:-

Rumba Fascination
Choreographed by: Nic Bartlam (May 06)
Music: Fascination by Kem (option music to be used: The Way You Look Tonight by Michael Buble)
Descriptions: 32 count - 2 wall - Intermediate level line dance


1 Step left to left side
2-3 Rock back on right recover weight back on to left
4-5 Step forward on right, hold
6-7 Step forward on left, turn ½ turn left stepping back on right
8-1 Step back on left, hold

2-3 Close right to left, step forward on left
4-5 Step forward on right, hold
6-7 Rock left to left side, replace weight back on to right
8-1 Close left to right, hold

For added style use the hips on count 6 and 7

2-3 Rock right to right side, replace weight back on to left

For added style use the hips again on count 2 and 3
& Cross right behind left
4-5 Sweep left foot from front to back over the 2 counts (weight stays on right)
6-7 Cross left behind right, step right to right side
8-1 Cross left in front of right, hold

2-3-4 Step right to right side as you sway hips right, left right (weight finishes on right)
5 Hold
6-7 Turn ¼ right stepping forward on left, pivot ½ turn right (weight ends on right)
8-1 Turn ¼ turn right stepping left to left side, hold

After turning ¼ turn to right and stepping to side with left and holding you are ready to start the dance again with the rock back with right foot

Line Dance Competition



Enjoy the video clip. Bear in mind, this is the SENIOR category, above 45 years old.
This group of ladies are from Malacca and BRONYA coached them for this competition.

Open Competition for Line Dance - Waltz. Every dancer is dancing the same dance with individual expressions. Pick your favourite style !



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

El Lado Oscure

Let's do a very basic cha cha dance, El Lado Oscure. Then we shall have lots of time to POP LOCK & DROP and WHY SO SERIOUS?

This will be one of the 2 dances that Bronya will instruct with proper styling, technique & attitude. See previous post for details.

The tempo of the music and the simplicity of the steps makes the dancer FEEL the movement of the CHA CHA. I will leave all the arm and body movements & the last 4 counts of the dance to Bronya to instruct as I know it will be hard to UNDO the mistakes that have been perfected !

El Lado Oscure
Choreographed by: Jose Miguel Belloque-Vane (Aug 09)
Music: El Lado Oscure by Jarabe De Palo
Descriptions: 32 count - 2 wall - Beginner/Intermediate level line dance


Start dancing on lyrics

Side, Cross Rock, Side Shuffle, Cross Rock, Lock Shuffle Back
1 Step right to the right side
2 Cross left rock
3 Recover to right
4 Step left to the left side
& Close right next to right
5 Step left to the left side
6 Cross right rock
7 Recover to left
8 Step right back
& Lock left in front of right
1 Step right back

Rock Step, Turn ½ Left, Rock Step, Turn ¼ Right, Side Shuffle
2 Rock left back
3 Recover to right
4 Rock left forward
& Recover to right
5 Turn ½ left, step left forward
6 Rock right forward
7 Recover to left, turn ¼ right
8 Step right to the right side
& Close left together
1 Step right to the right side

Hold, Close, Step, Hold, Close Step, Cross Rock, Side Shuffle Turn ¼ Left
2 Hold
& Close left together
3 Step right to the right side
4 Hold
& Close left together
5 Step right to the right side
6 Cross left rock
7 Recover to right
8 Step left to the left side
& Close right together
1 Turn ¼ left, step left forward

Pivot Turn ½ Left, Flick, Step Turn ½ Left, Battucadas, Hold
2 Step right forward
3 Turn ½ left, step left forward, flick right
4 Step right forward, turn ½ left, weight on right
5 Step left back
& Rock right forward
a Rock left back
6 Step right back
& Rock left forward
a Rock right back
7 Step left back
& Rock right forward
a Rock left back
8 Hold


Bronya is visiting KK - a professional dance teacher / trainer / coach / choreographer / compeer in Asia

We are indeed so fortunate that Bronya Bishorek (, visiting KK from 30 OCT to 1 NOV 2009. She will be pleased to visit our line dance classes in KK to instruct.

We shall also enjoy a social gathering with her on Saturday evening , 31 Oct 2009 at the Tg Aru Seafood Restaurant. Each group will bring their their own CD and as usual, Bronya will demonstrate some of her dances for us.

For the dance workshop KK Linedancers have booked Bronya as follows:-
Fri, 30 Oct 2009
5.30pm to 7pm
Sacred Heart Church Hall
1. Speak With Your Heart
2. El Lado Oscure
We need to know the steps extremely well in order to capture the essence of her teach. The good news is I have selected 2 very simple dances which have been / will be taught in our class before the workshop.

Bronya is an excellent teacher. Try your best to attend. Just pay RM10 each. Remember its value for money Vs going to KL ( minus the air fare and hotel and transport charges.) Can someone help to take the video? Calling Michael / Mariana ?? / anyone?
We can't trust our memory power 100%.

For those who are unable to attend, we shall try our best to share our knowledge with you in our class. You know it won't be the same !

Other line dance groups have also book her sessions as follows:-
Saturday, 31 Oct 2009
1. 7.30am - Marcelo Line Dance Group
2. 2pm - Antarabangsa Dance Group

Bronya is still available at other times on Sat and Sunday too. She leaves at the 4pm flight on Sunday. Anyone interested to make a private booking?. Call me or call her direct 012-2991787

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pop Lock & Drop

For a change, we shall learn & enjoy a different dance from the recent ones that we have been doing - a modern dance to a pop music. Its rated as advance . Thank goodness its only a 2 wall dance. We shall try together and probably have lots of laughs as we learn new body movements & steps. Good for the brain, Ya?

Pop, Lock & Drop
Choreographed by: Shaz Walton (Sept 09)
Music: Fire Burnin' by Sean Kingston
Descriptions: 64 count - 2 wall - Advanced level line dance


Count in 48 Counts.

Knee Pop. Hold. Pop. Pop. Heel Drop. Slide. ¼. Touch.
1-2 Pop Right knee forward. Hold
3-4 Pop left knee forward. Pop right knee forward. (raise right up onto Ball of foot while popping knee)
5-6 Using ball of right foot slide right towards left. Drop heel of right as you raise left leg to side.
7-8 Make ¼ right as you bring left up and step it forward. Touch right beside left.

Side. Together. Side. Together. Side Steps X3. Step. ¼
1-2 Step right to right. Step left beside right.
3-4 Step right to right. Touch left beside right
(End this sequence facing slightly to the diagonal- funk up your arms!! Punch both arms forward - elbows bent on counts 1 & 3)
5&6 Making small steps- Step left to side. Step right beside left. Step left to left.
&7 Step right beside left. Step left to left
&8 Start to straighten as you step right beside left. Step left ¼ left (12 o clock) (arch your back- use your initiative with your arms)
** RESTART here facing the front on 3rd wall**

Step. Back Slide/ Kick. Touch. ½. ½. Crouch Kick.Step.Kick. Cross. Point.
1-2 Step right beside left as you push left leg back (sliding toe across floor) Touch left toe behind (Left leg straight out behind you)
3-4 Make ½ turn left dropping weight onto left. Make ½ turn left stepping right beside left.
5&6 Bending forward kick left forward. Step left beside right. Kick right forward.
(Punch towards floor on each kick with arms either side of kicking leg)
7-8 Cross right over left. Touch left to left as you straighten up & pop right shoulder out to side.

Shoulder Pops L-R-L ¼ Lunge/Drag. Back. Shuffle ½. ¼ Side.
1-2 Pop left shoulder to left. Pop right shoulder to right. (Contract upper body)
3-4 Pop left shoulder to left as you make ¼ left lunging forward on left. Drag right up behind.
5-6&7 Step back on right. Make a shuffle ½ turn left stepping L-R-L
8 Make ¼ left as you step right to right side.

Angled Dip. Recover. Angled Dip. Recover. Back. Back. Coaster Step.
1-2 Turn body to face left diagonal as you dip back on left. Recover to centre stepping left to left side.
3-4 Turn body to face right diagonal as you dip back on right. Recover to centre stepping right beside left.
5-6 Walk back left. Walk back right.
7&8 Step back left. Step back right. Step forward left.

Kick. Step. Rock. Recover. Kick. Ball. Step. Back ¼. Hop. Step Pivot ½.
1&2 Kick right forward. Step right beside left. Rock forward left.
&3&4 Recover on right.Kick left forward. Step left beside right. Step right forward. (Stomp right forward. Angle body to left diagonal)
5-6 Step back on left as you hop slightly & hitch right knee. Step right down making ¼ right.
7-8 Step forward left. Pivot ½ turn right.

Side/Bump. Bump. Bump. ¼ Back. Lock. Back. Side. Touch.
1-2 Step left to left as you bump hips left. Bump hips right.
3-4 Bump hips left. Bump hips back as you make ¼ left.
5-6 Lock left over right. Step right back.
7-8 Step left to left. Touch right beside left.

Kick. Step. Stomp/Press. Kick. Step. Stomp/Press. Back/Hitch. Back/Hitch. Coaster Side.
1&2 Kick right forward. Step right beside left. Stomp/ Press left forward (Upper body angled to right diagonal)
Keep weight light on left after stomp as you need your left leg next!
3&4 Kick left forward. Step Left beside right. Stomp/ Press Right forward (Upper body angled to left diagonal)
5-6 Step back on left as you hitch right slightly. Step back on right as you hitch left slightly.
7&8 Step back left. Step back right. Step left to left side.

RESTART: Wall 3, Dance up to count 16 & restart from the beginning- facing the front

Friday, October 16, 2009

ISTD International Dancesport Examination Results

CONGRATULATIONS ! Each and everyone of the 11 candidates received Honours, the equivalent of a Distinction in the BRONZE Medal Test. Well done. For all of you 11 dancers, I hope you will practise what you have learnt and apply the foundation technique in all your dances. Always remember that every dancer needs a strong foundation to develop and enjoy the pleasure of dancing.

I am very pleased with Sabah's first attempt in this Medalists International Dancesport Examinations. Thank you , my 11 friends for being brave enough to test the new waters :-
1. Ivy Soo
2. Chin Nyuk Yin @ Mrs Thien
3. Jennifer Chong
4. Jeanie Liew
5. Catherine Chu
^. Marcelo
7. Georgia Teh
8. Loi Siew Ket
9. Janet Siumin
10. Amanda Lim
11. Silia Laurince
I hope we can enter more candidates next year. Technique classes will start after June 2010 to prepare students for the October 2010 tests.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

ISTD Medal Test on 15 Oct 2009

The ISTD, UK is one of the highest Dance Examinations Board in the World. Both professional and amateur examinations are conducted on regular basis.
Every year the ISTD, UK dance examiners will tour several countries to test students and teachers of various dance disciplines, including Latin, Ballroom and Line Dance.
Teachers will take professional exams starting from Associate levels, Licenciate to Fellow.
Students will take the Amateur Tests in the form of Medal Tests starting from Bronze, Silver to Gold.

So what's the purpose of taking the Dance exam?
Bascically its to improve the standard of Line Dance. When you commit to take the exam, you will have to sign up for dance technique lessons with a qualified teacher. With proper understanding of technique you will feel more comfortable and look better when you dance. All it takes is practise, practise and more practise with the Right technique!

For 2009 the ISTD International Dance exam was held on 15 Oct in John's Dance Academy in Bornion Centre, the only centre in Sabah that is registered under ISTD. There was no registration for "Teacher " exam ie for professional level BUT we had a whopping 11 for the Bronze Medal. Every dancer has to start from the Bronze level.

The examiner was Mr. Richard Hunt. I think our 11 dancers did very well . Results will be handed to me tonight at the Dinner Party held in Putera Ballroom. So please wait for my next post. Its so exciting as this is the 1st time in Sabah that Line Dancers are taking the Medal Tests.

Tap Room Boogie

It's Tap Room Boogie , a fast , easy & fun dance to exercise your brain & body !

You can view the 3 youtube videos as follows:-
Tap Room Boogie

Tap Room Boogie
Choreographed by: Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson, UK (Aug 09)
Music: Maxine's Tap Room Boogie by Travis Kidd (CD: Midamerica [170bpm])
Descriptions: 64 count - 4 wall - Intermediate level line dance


32 count intro - start on vocals

available as download from or iTunes

RESTART: There is one Restart, DURING Wall 3

Sec 1 Kick Ball Step, Heel Twists, Back Rock, Step, Pivot 1/4
1&2 Kick right forward. Step ball of right beside left. Step left forward.
3-4 Twist both heels left. Twist both heels back to centre (weight on right).
5-6 Rock back on left. Rock forward on right.
7-8 Step left forward. Pivot 1/4 turn right. (3:00)

Sec 2 Cross, Hold, 1/4 Turn x2, Cross, Hold, Rock 1/4 Turn
1-2 Cross step left over right. Hold.
3-4 Make 1/4 turn left stepping right back. Make 1/4 turn left stepping left to side.
5-6 Cross step right over left. Hold.
7-8 Rock left to left side. Recover onto right making 1/4 turn right. (12:00)

Sec 3 Grapevine 1/4 Turn, Hitch, Hip Bumps
1-2 Step left to left side. Cross right behind left.
3-4 Make 1/4 turn left stepping left forward. Hitch right knee.
5-8 Step right to right side bumping hips right. Bump hips left, right, left. (9:00)

Sec 4 Stomp Forward (Out-Out), Hand Brush x2, Clap x2, Finger Click x2
1-2 Stomp right forward and out to right side. Stomp left forward and out to left side.
3-4 Brush/slap both hands back and across hips. Brush/slap hands forward and across hips.
5-6 Clap hands at chest level twice.
7 Flick right hand in the air clicking fingers right.
8 Flick left hand in the air clicking fingers left.

Sec 5 Scuff, Touch, Heel Tap x2, Scuff, Touch, Heel Tap x2
1-2 Scuff right forward. Touch right toe forward.
3-4 Tap right heel to floor twice (taking weight on right).
5-6 Scuff left forward. Touch left toe forward.
7-8 Tap left heel to floor twice (taking weight on left).
Note Counts 1-8 above should travel forward slightly.

Sec 6 Forward Rock, Side, Rock, Jazz Box 1/4 Turn
1-2 Rock forward on right. Rock back on left.
3-4 Rock right to right side. Recover onto left.
5-6 Cross step right over left. Step left back.
7-8 Make 1/4 turn right stepping right forward. Step left forward.
RESTART Wall 3: Restart dance again from beginning at this point (facing 6:00)

Sec 7 Dwight Swivels, Chasse, Back Rock
1 Swivel left heel to right touching right toe beside left instep. (12:00)
2 Swivel left toe to right touching right heel diagonally forward right.
3 Swivel left heel to right touching right toe beside left instep.
4 Swivel left toe to right touching right heel diagonally forward right.
5&6 Step right to right side. Close left beside right. Step right to right side.
7-8 Rock back on left. Rock forward on right.

Sec 8 1/4 Turn, 1/2 Turn, Step, Scuff, Step, Pivot 1/2, Step, Pivot 1/2
1-2 Make 1/4 turn right stepping left back. Make 1/2 turn right stepping right forward.
3-4 Step left forward. Scuff right forward.
5-6 Step right forward. Pivot 1/2 turn left.
7-8 Step right forward. Pivot 1/2 turn left. (9:00)
Option Counts 5 - 8: Replace with right rocking chair.