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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jamming List for 4 Dec Party

Dances in BOLD print are submitted by Kickick Group.
1. Cha Cha Espana
2. Lady In Blue
3. That Person That Love
4. Move A Like
5. Shake It Out
6. Jurame
7. Papi
8. Love 2 Dance
9. I Love Luna
10. Beauty's Trick

11 Gambling man
12.Ring a ding
13. La Luna
14. Purr Kitty
15. What!
16. All Of Me
17. Itaewon Freedom
18. Pretty

19.Say Jambo
20.On Fire
22. Zhang Sheng
23.Zoobi Doobi
24. Don't Miss A Thing
25. Melon Heart
26. Strong Baby

27 No Scandal
28.Love Is Blue
29.Sexy Sarawak
30.Taylors Top
31.American Pop
32. Like A Love Song
33. Soul Food
34. On The Floor
/Party Freak
35 My Pretty Belinda
37.Bittersweet Memory

38 Miles Between Us
39 Bite The Dust
40 What Your Waiting For

41 Burden Of The Man
42 Aces Goes Places
43 Born This Way