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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cocoo Jamboo for 20 Nov

We will be back to Luyang Hall this Sat 20 Nov.
Let's do Cocoo Jamboo to complete all our jamming dances for Wed 24 Nov.
Have you got your attire ready for our "Hello Dolly" theme?
Ladies, its easy as long as you DOLL up, we can greet each other with..Hello Dolly, you're looking swell, Dolly...

Mon 22 Nov - class in Sacred Heart
Wed 24 Nov - Party in Deep Sea Seafood, Hilltop
Sat 27 Nov - class cancelled
Wed 1 Dec - class in Luyang Hall

Cocoo Jamboo
Choreographed by: Sebastiaan Holtland, NL (Oct 10)
Music: Coco Jamboo by Mr President
Descriptions: 32 count - Beginner/Intermediate level line dance


Intro: 32 count (21 sec), Start on the words “Put Me Up”
1-8 Walk Fwd, 1/2 Turn R, Back, Back, Down Up, Back Hip Bumps, Lock Step Fwd
1-2 Stepping forward on Rf, making a 1/2 turn to right (6) step back on Lf
3-4& Step back on Rf, dip body down, coming up weight onto Rf
5&6 Bump hips back, center, bump hips back holding weight onto Rf
7&8 Step forward on Lf, lock Rf behind Lf, step forward on Lf weight onto Lf (6:00)

9-16 Rock / Recover, 1/4 Turn R, Side, & Cross, Hold, & Cross, Lock, Step (½ Turn L Arch)
1-2 Rock forward on Rf, recover on Lf
&3-4 Making a 1/4 turn to right (9) step Rf to the right, cross Lf over Rf, HOLD
&5 Step Rf slightly to the right, cross Lf over Rf
&6&7&8 Lock Rf behind, step Lf forward, lock Rf behind, step Lf forward (3:00)
(Making a ½ Turn arch to the left with the above steps)
## RESTART ## Here WALL 5 after 16 count (Facing 3 o’clock)

17-24 R Wizard Step, L Wizard Step, 1/2 Pivot L, 3/4 Turn L, Side
1-2& Step Rf diagonal forward on heel, lock Lf behind Rf, small step Rf forward to right diagonal
3-4& Step Lf diagonally forward on heel, lock Rf behind Lf, small step Lf forward to left diagonal, ending weight onto Lf
5-6 Step forward on Rf, making a 1/2 turn to left (9) take weight onto Lf
7-8 Making a 1/2 turn to left (3) step back on Rf, continue a 1/4 turn to left (12) step Lf to the left

25-32 Cross, Side, Sailor Kick, Heel Grind 1/2 Turn L, Recover, Coaster Step
1-2 Cross Rf over Lf, step Lf to the left weight onto Lf (12:00)
3&4 Step Rf behind Lf, step Lf to the left, kick diagonal forward on Rf weight onto Lf
&5-6 Step Rf back in place, heel grind with Lf (toes from right to left) 1/2 turn to left (9), Step Rf back weight onto Rf
7&8 Step Lf back, step Rf beside Lf, step forward on Lf weight onto Lf (Coaster) (9:00)

Start Again And Have Fun!

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