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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Zenyatta's Waltz, demo by Jo Thompson

A very popular waltz. Let's try out this waltz which uses a different kind of waltz music - same singer as for CanAm Tango. You may not like the song at first but listen to it a few times. It grows on you.

Choreographed by: Michele Burton, USA (May 10)
Music: Fire Escape by Diane Birch (CD: 108bpm)
Descriptions: 48 count - 2 wall - Intermediate level line dance

1-6 Waltz Box
1–3 Step L foot forward; Bring R foot to L, stepping side R; Step L slightly back
4–6 Step R back; Bring L to R, stepping side L (angle to L diagonal); Step R to front left diagonal [11 o’clock]

7-12 Whisk ~ Chasse
1-3 Step L to front left diagonal, starting ¼ turn left; Finish ¼ turn left, step R side right; Step L crossed tightly behind R, should feel like a lock (lower on this step, bending knees slightly). [9 o’clock]
4 Step R forward to left front diagonal
5&6 Step L side left; Step R beside L; Step L side left (smooth & connected to floor – the ‘&’ count can be done behind or in front of L foot if preferred)

13-18 Lunge Return ¼ Turn ~ Step Turn (Full Spiral) Step
1-3 Step R in front of L; Return wt. to L; Turn ¼ R, stepping forward on R [12 o’clock]
4–6 Step forward on L foot; Full spiral turn right on ball of L; Step R forward (ct. 6)

19-24 Balance Forward ~ Balance Back
19–21 Step L foot forward; Step R slightly forward; Step L foot slightly back
22–24 Step R foot back; Step L slightly back; Step R foot slightly forward [12 o’clock]

25-30 Forward 1/4 Turn ~ Back Balance (Or Basic)
25–27 Step L foot forward; Turn 1/4 left, stepping slightly back on R; Step back on L [9 o’clock]
28–30 Step R foot back; Step L slightly back; Step R foot slightly forward (not a coaster step)

31-36 Forward 1/2 Turn ~ Back Balance (Or Basic)
31–33 Step L foot forward; Turn ½ left, stepping back on R; Step L back [3 o’clock]
34–36 Step R foot back; Step L slightly back; Step R foot slightly forward (not a coaster step)

37-42 Twinkle Right ~ Twinkle Left
37–39 Step L foot to right front diagonal; Step R foot side right; Step L foot to left front diagonal [3 o’clock]
40–42 Step R foot to left front diagonal; Step L foot side left; Step R foot to right front diagonal

43-48 Cross Side ¼ Back ~ Back ¼ ¼ (Waltz Weave)
43–45 Step L foot across front of R; Step L side left; Turn ¼ left, stepping L back
46–48 Step R back; Turn ¼ left, stepping L foot side left; Turn 1/4, stepping R foot forward [6 o’clock]
Begin Again

Choreographers note: The music is not perfectly phrased, but the musical arrangement allows for a 48 count dance without tags or restarts.
Zenyatta – the first filly to defeat all the colts in the 2009 Breeder’s Cup. A horse with a BIG personality. Run Like A Girl!! /

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