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Monday, July 25, 2011

APDX 2011 in Shangrila Hotel, KL on 7 Aug

15 of us from KK would be witnessing the line dance competition on 7 Aug in Shangrila Hotel, KL. For most of us it would be our 1st experience and I, for one am pretty excited and looking forward to the event. We know 3 contestants - Jennifer Choo and her friend Cindy and Sae Min.

We will try out some of these competition dances and then have a good laugh as we compare our movements with that of the competitors.
If we enter the competition most of us would fall under the Diamond category (age 45 years and above)

Return to Sender (Melanie Vleugels), 32 count 4 wall Lilt
Waka Waka (Roy Hoeben), 32 count 4 wall novelty

Dog-gone Blues (Jo Thompson, Michele Burton & Michael Barr). 48 count 4 wall West Coast Swing
Candy (Amy Loring), 32 count 4 wall funky - (Junior & Open)
Make Love (Raymond Sarlemijn) 32 count 4 walls Cuban Cha Cha (Crystal & Diamond)

Angels Waltz (Paul McAdam) 48 count 2 walls, Rise & Fall
I'm Your Angel (Emily Drinkall) 32 count 4 walls, Smooth Nightclub
2x Trouble (Michele Perron & Guyton Mundy)video video 32 counts 4 walls Funky (Open)
J Ho (Maggie Gallagher) 64 count 4 walls Showdance (Crystal & Diamond)

Unmistakable (Sam Arvidson), 72 count 1 wall Rise & Fall
All These Little Things (Jeremie Tridon), Phrased 1 wall Smooth Nightclub
El Bodeguero (Roy Hoeben) 64 count 1 wall Cuban Cha cha

Age Group
Junior - 0 -12 years old
Open - 13 years old and above
Crystal - 35 - 44 years old
Diamond - 45 years old and above
Note: An older person can take a lower age group category but not vice versa

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