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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Line Dance - I Love Luna ( June 11)

I Love Luna

32 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Nancy Lee (June 11)
Music: Bajo La Luna by Sparx (Album: Todo Lo Mejor)

Intro : 32 Count - ( Note: Standby – Weight on right foot, touch Left beside Right )

SECTION 1: Point Left to Left side, Touch Left beside Right, ¼ Turn Left, Step Left forward, Right Cha Cha Forward, Step Left Forward, Pivot ½ Turn Right, Touch Right , Sweep Right Coaster Step
1-2-3Point L to L side, touch L beside R, ¼ turn L, step forward L [ 9:00]
4&5Right Cha Cha Forward
6-7Step L forward, ½ Pivot turn R, touch R forward ( weight on L , R knee slightly bent ) [ 3:00]
8&1Sweep and Step back Right, step Left next to Right, step Right forward

SECTION 2: Prissy Walks Left, Right, Left Cha Cha Forward, Step Forward Right, ¾ turn Left, Step down on Left, Right Side rock , Recover on Left
2-3Walk left forward across right, walk right forward across left (prissy walks)
4&5Left Cha Cha Forward
6-7Step Right forward, ¾ turn Left, step down on L [ 6:00 ]
8-1Right side rock, recover on Left

SECTION 3: Rock Right Forward , Recover on Left, Behind, Side, Cross, Sweep Left, Cross Step , ¼ Turn Left, Step Back Right, ¼ Turn Left With Hitch, Step Down On Left
2-3Rock Right Forward, Recover On Left
4&5Cross step Right behind Left, Step Left to Left side. Cross step Right over Left.
6-7Sweep L from back to front , Cross Step L over R
8&1¼ Turn Left, Step Back Right (8)[3:00], ¼ turn Left with hitch on Left (&) , Step Down On Left ( 1) [12:00]

SECTION 4: Pivot ½ Turn Left, Right Cha Cha Forward, Step Left Forward, ¾ Turn Right, Back Flick Right, Step Down on Right, Touch Left Beside Right
2-3Step Forward On Right, Pivot ½ turn Left [6:00]
4&5Right Cha Cha Forward
6&7Step Left Forward ( 6 ), ¾ Turn Right, Back Flick On Right (& ), Step Down On Right ( 7) [ 3:00]
8Touch Left beside Right

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