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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rock and Roll Waltz

This is a brand new dance by William Sevone - a Rock & Roll dance with a waltz in between!

Rock and Roll Waltz
Count:39 Wall: 4 Level: Phrased Intermediate - Dual tempo
William Sevone. (Jan 24th 2012)
Music: "I gotta know" (split tempo & rhythm)...Rosie Flores ('Rosie Flores')

Dance Sequence:- A-B-A-B (tag)-A-A-A-B-A-B-finale
Choreographers note:- The two count Tag may require a little practice with the timing.
Always remember - 'The beat may reach your feet - but the rhythm should electrify your soul'.
Dance starts 10 seconds from the start of the music (immediately after Rosie sings ‘Wellllllll..’)

Optional Intro from start of music: Waltz pattern & style.
1 – 3Step forward onto right. Step left next to right. Step backward onto right.
4 – 6Step backward onto left. Step right next to left. Step forward onto left.
7 – 9Turn ½ left & step backward onto right. Turn ½ left & step forward onto left. Raise right foot forward.
10 – 12Step backward onto right. Step backward onto left. Touch right next to left
13 – 15Hold position for 3 counts

SECTION A (The Rock): performed at HALF TEMPO
Right Touch. Together. Coaster. Cross. Back. Coaster
1 – 2Touch right to right side. Step right next to left.
3& 4Step backward onto left, step right next to left, step forward onto left.
5 – 6Cross right over left. Step backward onto left.
7& 8Step backward onto right, step left next to right, step forward onto right.

2x Fwd Heel-Centre. Toes Out. Heels Out. Heels In. Toes In. Heels Together.
9 – 10body lean left – touch left heel diagonally forward right (toe pointing left). Step left back to centre.
11– 12body lean right – touch right heel diagonally forward left (toe pointing right). Step right back to centre.
13 – 14weight on heels - Fan both toes OUT. weight onto toes - Fan both heels OUT.
15& 16Heels IN, Toes IN, Heels IN (touch).
Dance Note: After count 12 feet should be approx 25cm (10 inches) apart

2x Diagonal Kick-Behind-Together-Cross. Right Touch. 1/4 Together (3:00)
17 – 18Kick right diagonally right. Cross right behind left.
&19Step left next to right, cross right over left.
20 – 21Kick left diagonally left. Cross left behind right.
&22Step right next to left, cross left over right
23 – 24Touch right to right side. Turn ¼ right & touch right next to left.

SECTION B (The Waltz): performed facing 3:00 or 6:00
Side. Cross. Right Touch. Cross. Side. 1/2 Side. Cross Rock. Rec. 1/4 Fwd (6:00)
1 – 3Step right to right side. Cross left over right. Touch right to right side.
4 – 6Cross right over left. Step left to left side. Turn ½ right & step right to right (9).
7 – 9Cross rock left over right. Recover onto right. Turn ¼ left & step forward onto left (6).

1/4 Side. Behind. Side. Cross Rock. Recover, Together (3:00).
10 – 12Turn ¼ left & step right to right side (3). Cross left behind right. Step right to right side.
13 – 15Cross rock left over right. Recover onto right. Step left next to right.
TAG: AFTER THE 2nd SECTION B ONLY (facing 6:00) – keep with the Waltz tempo for TWO counts
16 – 17Click fingers (both hands if possible) TWICE or tap right heel TWICE ….or both Heel & Fingers
Style note: bend the right knee slightly by raising the right heel.

FINALE: On final Section B (facing 6:00) dance up to and including count 12 then do the following:
1& 2-3(1)Cross rock left over right, (&)recover onto right, (2)step left to left side. (3)Turn ½ left & step right to right side.
4& 5-6(4)Cross left behind right, (&)step right next to left, (5)step left to left side. (6)with right knee slightly bent & arms out to sides - Step right over left - right toe pointing to 12:00

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