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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ciao Amici - Line Dance (Dance & Walk Through)

A light and smooth flowing dance dance for all to enjoy.

Ciao Amici

Count:32 Wall: 4 Level: Improver
Norman Gifford (March 2012)
Music: Ciao Amici - La Banda Della Musica (98 bpm)

Alt. Music:-
Baila, Baila Conmigo - Missiego
Ain't It Funny - Jennifer Lopez

For "Ain't it Funny" only:-
(At the end of wall 7 [facing 3:00] do right paddle turns to 9:00 and wait to restart on the vocals)

(Traveling Samba Wisks, ¼ Right Turn Into Samba Lock-Step)
1,a2Left step side and slightly forward; right slightly behind; left replace
3,a4Right step side and slightly forward; left slightly behind, right replace
5,a6Left step side and slightly forward; right slightly behind; left replace
7,a8Right step side in 3rd position; left lock behind; right step forward (3:00)

(Bota Fogos, Rock Forward, Replace Turning ½ Left, Step Forward, Samba Lock-Step)
1,a2Left crossover; right step side; left replace
3,a4Right crossover; left step side; right replace
5,a6Left rock forward; right replace turning ½ left; left step forward (9:00)
7,a8Right step forward; left lock behind; right step forward

(Inverted Coaster-Step, Coaster-Step, Samba Wisk Crossing Into Volta Steps)
1,a2Left step forward; right together; left step back
3,a4Right step back; left together; right step forward
5,a6Left step side; right slightly behind; left crossover
a7Right step side; left crossover
a8Right step side; left crossover

(Side Rock, Replace, Volta Steps, Spin Turn ½ Right, Right Sweep Into Coaster-Cross Step)
1-2Right rock side; left replace
3aRight crossover; left step side
4aRight crossover; left step side
5Right crossover
6Left step side into swivel turn ½ right sweeping front to back (3:00)
7,a8Right step back; left together; right crossover


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