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Monday, May 21, 2012

Where's the LOVE - Line Dance Teach

Where's The LOVE
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48Wall:2Level:Intermediate / Advanced
Jaszmine Tan (May'12) Music:Dov'e L'amore by Cher

Intro : 4 x 8 from heavy beat.

Section 1 : Bota Fogo R, L , ¼ R turn Cross Shuffle, ½ L turn Cross Shuffle
1 a 2Cross R over L, step the L to L, step R in place
3 a 4Cross L over R, step the R to R, step L in place
5 & 6¼ R turn cross R over L, step L to L, Cross R over L (3)
7 & 8½ L turn L cross L over R, step R to R, Cross L over R (9)

Section 2 : Samba Whisk to R, L, Traveling Volta Full Turn R
1 a 2Step R to R, Step on ball L behind R, recover weight on R
3 a 4Step L to L, Step on ball R behind L, recover weight on L
5&6&7&8Step ¼ R forward, step on ball of L behind R, cross R over L making a full R turn (9)

Section 3 : Stationary Samba Walk L, R, Kick & Step, Body Roll ½ Turn L
1 a 2Close L next to R forward, step R to back without weight, recover weight on L
3 a 4Close R next to L forward, step L to back without weight, recover weight on R
5 & 6Kick L forward, step back on L on split weight with R in front
7 8 &Body roll from R to L making ½ turn L, recover weight on R (3)
** Ending do a ¼ L body roll turn (12) weight on R + 4 counts Extended Samba Lockstep **

Section 4 : Extended Samba Lockstep, Cuban Break
1a2a3a4Step L forward, R behind L, step L forward, R behind L, step L forward, R behind L, step L forward
5 a 6Cross rock R over L, recover weight on L, step R to R
7 a 8Cross rock L over R, recover weight on R, step L to L (3)
** 6th wall - TAG 2 x 8 ** Restart 3 after Tag facing 12 o'clock **

Section 5 : Corta Jaca traveling to R, ¾ Triple step L Turn, R Side Mambo Touch
1 & 2R heel forward, L in place, R toe back
& 3 & 4L in place, R heel forward, L in place, step R back
5 & 6Step L ¼ turning L, step R behind L, step L ½ turning L (6)
7 & 8Rock R to R, recover on L, touch R next to L
** 2nd wall - Restart 1 **

Section 6 : Cross & Point, Cross & Point, Samba cross, L Mambo
1 & 2Cross R over L, step L to L, point R toe in front
& 3 & 4Close R to L, cross L over R, step R to R, point L toe in front
** 4 th wall - Restart 2 **
& 5 & 6Close L to R, cross R over L, step L to L, cross R over L
7 & 8Rock L to L , recover on R, step L next to R

TAG: 2 x 8 : When music slows down
1 – 8Sway R, sway L (1-4) , cross R over L (5-6) , ¾ L turn weight on L (7-8) (12)
1 – 8Walk forward R , L (1-4) , sway R , sway L (5-8)

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