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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

04.Straight To Memphis(CONTRA) 2012 WOW(台北) 歡送舞會

Straight To Memphis


48Wall:1Level:Contra Line
Kate Sala (Eng) May 2012 Music:`Straight To Memphis’ by Club De Belugas

8 Count Intro.

Step Right, Touch, Step Left, Touch, Mambo Step Forward, Mambo Step Back.
1, 2Step R to right side with optional shoulder shimmy. Touch L next to R.
3, 4Step L to left side with optional shoulder shimmy. Touch R next to L.
5 & 6Rock forward on R. Rock back on L. Step back on R.
7 & 8Rock back on L. Rock forward on R. Step forward on L.

Right Shuffle Forward, Left Shuffle Forward, Step Pivot 1/2 Turn Left, Run Forward x 3.
1 & 2Step forward on R. Step L next to R. Step forward on R.
3 & 4Step forward on L. Step R next to L. Step forward on L.
5, 6Step forward on R. Pivot 1/2 turn left.
7 & 8Short run forward on R, L, R.

Step Left, Step Right, Swivel In Heels, Toes, Heels, Tap Right Toe To Right Side x 3, Step Left, Step, Right. 
1, 2Step on L out to left side. Step on R out to right side.
3 & 4Swivel both heels in towards center. Swivel both toes in. Swivel both heels in.
5 & 6Tap R toe to right side x 3 traveling to right side while keeping the weight on L.
7, 8Step L to left side(swinging the arms left). Step R out to right side (swinging the arms right).

Heel Digs Left, Right, Left, Touch, Step Left, Touch, Step Right, Touch, Step Back, Heel Dig, Step, Touch.
1 & 2 &Dig L heel forward. Step L in place. Dig R heel forward. Step R in place.
3, 4Dig L heel forward. Touch L toe next to R instep.
5 &Step L to left side. Touch R next to L & clap. (If facing a partner, clap there hands).
6 &Step R to right side. Touch L next to right & clap. (If facing a partner, clap there hands).
7 & 8 &Step back on L. Dig R heel forward. Step forward on R, Touch L back.

Step Back, Heel Dig, Step, Run x 3, Walk Around 1/2 Turn Over Left Shoulder x 4.
1 & 2Step back on L. Dig R heel forward. Step forward on R.
3 & 4Run forward on L, R, L.
5, 6, 7, 8Walk around 1/2 turn over L shoulder on R, L, R, L making a semi circle shape.
(If dancing in contra lines, at this point everyone lines up into 1 line, shoulder to shoulder with your partner facing in the opposite direction).

Jazz Box, Cross Step, Side, Back, Cross Behind.
1, 2, 3, 4Cross step R over L. Step back on L. Step R to right side. Step forward on L.
This next section is done moving around your partner anti-clockwise but still facing your front wall!.
5, 6, 7Cross step R over L. Step left on L. Big step back on R( Moving past your partner).
8Cross step L behind R, (Starting to square up in front of your partner ready to start again).

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