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Monday, December 10, 2012

Darren Bailey taught his new dance DANCE & SHOUT

Darren Bailey taught us this funky number in JB at the Danz4peace function on 9 Dec 2012. Very enjoyable dance with body movements
In the video. Darren Bailey is dancing on the extreme right.
A very good dancer and Instructor. We attended his dance technique workshop on East Coast Swing and Cha Cha. He makes everything "simplified" by breaking down into easy  sections.
Ha ha !Watch the new body moves of all who attended - Thien and Thien, Voo and yours truely! Loi and Ivy missed it

Darren Bailey, Roy Hadisubroto, Raymond Sarlemijn.(Dec 2012) Music:Shaggy - Dance & Shout

Step forward, Michael Jackson kick, step out, touch, weight change from right to left.
1LF step forward.
&Hitch up Rknee.
2Kick lower part RF.
3RF step out right.
4LF touch on too left.
5,6,7,8,Bounce weight to LF, facing 12:00

Slide right, (hands up Optional), slide left, (hands up Optional), ½ peddle turn.
1RF slide right.
2LF close RF, both hands next to head.
3LF slide to left.
4RF close LF, both hands next to head.
5Turn 1/8 over left, RF touch right.
6Turn 1/8 over left, RF touch right.
7Turn 1/8 over left, RF touch right.
8Turn 1/8 over left, RF touch right, facing 18:00.

Step forward, kick forward, step backwards, touch backwards, step diagonal together, step diagonal together.
1RF step forward.
2LF kick forward.
3LF step backwards.
4RF touch backwards.
5RF step diagonal 19:30
6LF close back RF.
7RF step diagonal 19:30.
8LF touch back RF.

Swivel left, swivel right, hand clap, hip bounces, ¼ turn left.
1LF swivel left.
2RF swivel right.
3clap both hands left.
4Lower both hands.
5Weight on RF and bounce right hip backwards
&Bounce left hip forward.
6Bounce right hip backwards.
&Bounce left hip forward.
7Bounce right hip backwards.
8¼ turn left, LF step forward, 15:00.

Walk, walk, kick and out, kick and out, ¼ turn left.
1RF step forward.
2LF step forward.
3RF kick forward.
&RF close LF.
4LF touch left.
5LF kick forward.
&LF close RF.
6RF touch right.
7RF step forward.
81/4 turn left, weight on LF, 12:00.

Mambo right, mambo left, ½ walk around.
1RF step right.
&Recover weight on LF.
2RF close LF.
3LF step left.
&Recover weight on RF.
4LF close RF.
5RF step forward.
6LF step forward.
7¼ Turn left, RF step forward.
&¼ Turn left, LF step forward.
8RF step forward, start again.


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