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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our Polka Dot Line Dance Party

Our Polka Dot Line Dance Party- 19.8.11
We have taken out all difficult dances and now its all STRESS FREE dances for everybody to enjoy.
(Monday class is cancelled. Our only dance practise is on Wed - so don't miss it !)

Jamming 1
1. Something In the Water
2. Bahama Mama
3. Mojo Mambo
4. Mama Maria
5. There's a kind of Hush
6. Ballando
7. Make Love
8. No Scandal
9. Itaewan Freedom
10.Aces Go Places

Jamming 2
1. Doctor Doctor
2. Capri Cha
3. Under My Skin
4. On Fire
5. Bookacha
6. If I knew Then
7. The Flute
8. Alabama Slammin
9. Fly With Me

Jamming 3
1. Mambo No 5
2. Caballero
3. Busted Windows
4. Don't Let The Party End
5. Party Freak
6. Zoobi Doobi
7. Zhang Shen
8. Swan
9. Unchain My Heart
10.Rivers of Babylon
11. A Touch of Rumba

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