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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Unmistakable - APDX 2011 Competition dance (Advanced )

I don't think we are up to this advance level!


Choreographed by Sam Arvidson
Description: 72 Count, 1 Wall, Rise&Fall
Level: Advanced
Music: ‘Unmistakable’ by Jo Dee Messina (pitched down to 92BPM)
Official UCWDC competition dance description
Date of usage 17 March 2011

1-6 Step L, point, hold, R twinkle
1,2,3 Step LF diagonally forward to 1:30, Point RF to side, hold
4,5,6 Cross RF in front of LF, Step LF to side (looking to left), recover on RF

7-12 Cross full turn, full turn travelling to 1:30
1,2,3 Cross LF in front of RF, turn 1T right on LF, step forward on RF (1:30)
4,5,6 1/2T right and step LF back, 1/2T right and step RF forward, step LF forward

13-18 3 full spins on L, 1 full spin on R (age divisions do 1 spin L, 1 spin R)
1,2,3 Make 3 full spins to right on LF (option age div 1T instead of 3)
4,5,6 Step on RF and make 1 full spin to right on RF (end LF pointing to side)

19-24 Step L forward, hold, lunge R forward, recover, step R back
1,2,3 Step forward on LF, hold
4,5,6 Lunge (rock) forward on RF, recover on LF, step back on RF

25-30 Step back L sweeping R, step back R sweeping L, step L back, R cross behind, 1/4T L,
full turn
1,2,3& Step LF back sweeping RF front to back, step RF back sweeping LF front to back, step LF back,
step RF back (cross RF behind LF)
4,5,6 Make 1/4T left and step LF forward, 1/2T left and cross RF behind, 1/2T left and step LF forward (10h30)

31-36 Chasse forward R, step L, touch R forward, go down on one knee,
1&2,3 R chasse forward, step LF forward
4,5,6 (touch) RF forward and slide down to finish down on Left knee (option age div not go down on knee)

37-42 Full turn on knees, pull up
1,2,3 1T left on knees, sit back on heels
4,5,6 Pull up onto knees

43-48 Step up on R, hold, step L forward, hold
1,2,3 Step up on RF, hold
4,5,6 Step LF forward (10:30), hold
49-54 Step R across, step L side, step R back, ½T, rock R forward
1,2,3 Cross RF in front of LF, step LF to side, step RF back
4&5,6 Step LF back, 1/4T right and step RF to side, cross LF in front of RF, 1/4T right and rock
forward on RF (4:30)

55-60 Travelling 1-1/2T (to 10:30), lunge L forward
12&3 Recover on LF, step RF back, 1/2T left and step LF forward, 1/2T left and step RF back
4,5,6 1/2T left and lunge forward on LF (to 10:30), recover on RF dragging LF next to RF

61-66 L twinkle back, R twinkle back
1,2,3 Left back twinkle
4,5,6 Right back twinkle

67-72 Step L back, 1-1/2 turn travelling R to 3:00, step together, 1-3/4 platform turn
1,2,3& Step LF back (3:00), 1/2T right and step RF forward

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