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Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 - classes starts 7pm

Our classes now start at 7pm (population at 6.30pm is too miserable)

This is our new practice for 2013

I will only revise each new dance /walk through  for 2 lessons. eg I teach "outta contro" on Wed. So I will walk through the steps the following 2 lessons ie Mon and Wed.

I hope to be able to dance with all of you at least 20 revision dances per class and teach a new dance for every class. We now start with 10 to 12 and gradually increase. The music runs with no interruptions for teaching.

But for the next few lessons we will need to  walk through some of the dances  below to make sure  the dance floor is well populated!

The choice is yours - dance all the dances together or you can always sit out for the dances you don't know/ don't like or you feel tired. Its fine with me - as long as I can teach and enjoy line dancing. Happy dancing

1. windy city waltz- walk through
2..Rule The World- walk through
3. Dance and Shout
4. Still Love Me tomorrow
5 I wanna-walk through
6. That Man-walk through
7. Twinkle
8. Gentle kiss
9. Samba Huh
10. Danced All Night
11. What Are Words-walk through
12. Beautiful In My Eyes
13. Outta Control-walk through
Some of these dances will be cancelled gradually with the addition of new dances.

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