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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Line Dance - Tu No Sabes ( Mar11)

Let's support Malaysian choreographers Linda Lee & Luvi Ong.

Choreographed by: Linda Lee & Luvi Ong M'sia (Mar 11)
Music: Tu No Sabes by Selena
Descriptions: 32 count - 4 wall - Beginner level line dance

Start after (32 counts)
Behiend Side, Cross Cha Cha, Point Flick, Cross Cha Cha
1-2 step R behind L, step L beside R,
3&4 cross R over L, step L to L side, Cross R over L
5-6 point L to L side, flick L behind R,
7&8 Cross L over R, step R to R side, Cross L over R

Rock 1/2 Turn R, Fwd Cha Cha, Skate Twice, Fwd Cha Cha
1-2 rock R fwd, recover on L,
3&4 make R 1/2 turn R, step R fwd, lock L behind R, step R fwd
5-6 skate fwd L, R
7&8 step L fwd, step R behind J, step L fwd

Cross Rock, Side Cha Cha , Cross 1/4 Trun L, Coastpr Step
1-2 Cross R over L, recover on L
3&4 step R to R side, step L beside R, step R to R side
5-6 cross L over R, make 1/4 turn L, step R ehind
7&8 step L behind R, step R beside L, step L fwd,

Fwd Rock, Behind Side Cross, Hips Sway X3, Hitch
!-2 rock R fwd, recover on L,
3&4 step R behind L, step L beside R, cross R over L,
5-8 hips sway L, R, L, hitch R
Enjoy Your Dance

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