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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Walk On The Wild Side

This is one of my favourite dances, 32 counts and it really keeps you on your toes. It's worth revising "last year's teach" and we can enjoy dancing together. Learning a NEW dance does not always mean MORE enjoyment than revising a good OLD dance !
We have done several good dances that should be revised, like this one here. Hope you like it too

1st place in the Windy City Dance Mania 2010.
Very Impressive footwork executed by the all gentlemen team - see the famous choreographers dancing with Jacob Ballard.
John Robinson(So Sexxy), Michael Barr(Smooth Operator), Scott Blevins(Coochie Bang), Craig Bennet( etc.

A Walk On The Wild Side
Choreographed by: Jacob Ballard (Oct 10)
Music: Crayons by Donna Summers
Descriptions: 32 count - 4 wall - Beginner/Intermediate level line dance


Start 16 Counts In On Vocals

Step Lock Step, ¼, ¼, Step Lock Step, ¼, ¼
1&2 step left forward at the left diagonal, lock right behind left, step left forward at the left diagonal
3-4 turn ¼ left stepping right to side, turn ¼ left stepping left to side
5&6 step right forward at left diagonal (body should be torqued slightly), lock left behind right, step right forward at the left diagonal
7-8 turn ¼ right stepping left to side, turn ¼ right stepping right to side

Kick And Touch, Together And ¼, Step Lock Step, Step, ¼, Cross
1&2 kick left forward, step left together, touch right to side
3&4 step right together, touch left toe slightly forward bending left knee in slightly, turn ¼ left (left leg should be crossed over right)
5&6 step left forward, lo ck right behind left, step left forward
7&8 step right forward, turn ¼ left, cross right over left
RESTART: On wall 5, dance up to count 16, then restart dance from beginning.

¼, ½, Mashed Potatoe, Back, ¼, Cross, Kick Flick Step
1-2 turn ¼ right stepping left back, turn ½ right stepping right forward
3&4 step left forward twisting both heels inward, slightly flick left to side twisting right heel outward, step left back twisting both heels inward
5&6 step right back, step left together, turn ¼ right crossing right over left and dipping down slightly
7&8 kick left forward at the left diagonal coming back up, flick left back, take big step forward on the left turning 1/8 left

½, Knee Pops, Monteray Turn, ½ Sailor Step Cross, Unwind
1&2 turn ½ right crossing right over left, pop both knees out, recover
3&4 touch left to side, turn 3/8 to left (6:00) stepping left together, touch right to side
5&6 sweep right behind left turning ¼ right, step left slightly to side turning ¼ right, cross right over left
7-8 unwind ¾ left (left should now be crossed slightly over right)


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