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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We will enjoy Mei Ling's new dance which flows very well with the music.

Choreographed by: Leong Mei Ling, Malaysia (Apr 11)
Music: 掌聲響起 by 莊學忠
Descriptions: 32 count - 2 wall - Beginner/Intermediate level line dance

Intro: 0:26 seconds on the word ‘zhan zai ze wu tai…..’
1-9 Forward Steps, Step Turn Step Sweep, Behind Side Cross, Recover Step Turn
1,2&3 Step L forward, run forward R, L, R
4&5 Step L forward, 1/2 turn right step onto R, 1/2 turn right step back on L sweeping R front to back
Easier option: Step L forward, recover weight to R, step L back sweeping R front to back
6&7 Step R behind L, step L to side, cross/press R over L
8&1 Recover L, step ball of R beside L, 1/2 turn right step L to side [6:00]

10-16 Back Recover Side, Weave, Sweep, Forward, Point/Lift
2&3 Step R behind L, step L across R, step R to side
&4&5 Step L behind R, step R to side, step L across R, tuck R toe close to left ankle as you pivot 1/4 left on your standing foot [3:00]
6&7 Step forward R, L, point R forward (gentle lifted off the floor)
8& Step back R, L

17-24 Back, Sway Forward-Back, Ball Cross, Sway R-L, Triple Turn
1-3 Step back R, recover/sway back to L, sway/recover weight to R
4& Close L beside R, cross R over L
5-6 Sway L-R
7&8 1/4 turn left step L forward, 1/4 turn left close R beside L, 1/2 turn left step L to side
Easier option: Step L to side, step R beside L, step L to side

25-32 Ball Cross, Quick Steps Back, Coaster, Step Turn Step, Full Turn
&1 Step ball of R beside L, cross L over R [4:00]
2&3 1/4 turn left step back R, L, R [1:30]
4&5 (Square back to wall) Step L back, step R beside L, step L forward [12:00]
6&7 Step R forward, 1/2 turn left step onto L, step R forward
8& 1/2 turn right step L back, 1/2 turn right step R forward
Easier option for 8&: Step L forward, lock R behind L

TAG: After Wall 4 (12:00)
1-4 Step L forward, sway R-L-R

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