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Sunday, December 11, 2011

16th Crystal Boots Awards Nominations

Here are all the nominees for the 16th Crystal Boot Awards. Voting closes on 30th December 2011 at 12:00 (GMT).
Let's make a guess to see which are the winning dances for each category below.My personal choices are in bold !

1. Beginner Dance of the Year

A Little Higher by Peter & Alison

Blue Night Cha by Kim Ray

My Pretty Belinda by Vikki Morris

Something In The Water by Niels Poulsen

2.Improver Dance of the Year

1-2-3-4 by Niels Poulsen

Calypso Mexico by Ria Vos

Jig About by Maggie Gallagher

Knee Deep by Peter & Alison

Telepathy by Chrissie Hodgson

3.Intermediate Dance of the Year

Ain't No Fool by Justine Brown

Bittersweet Memory by Ria Vos

Burlesque by Norman Gifford

La Luna by Peter & Alison

Party Freak by Kate Sala
Rolling In The Deep by Maggie Gallagher

The Flute by Maggie Gallagher

4.Advanced Dance of the Year

Aliens & UFO's by Peter & Alison

Devotion by Maggie Gallagher

Don't You Remember? by Dee Musk

Let It Be by Rachael McEnaney

On The Edge by Craig Bennett

Papi by Rachael McEnaney

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