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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You Make Things Better

You Make Things Better

Count:32 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner
Eddie Tang (Malaysia) 14 Feb 2011
Music: Better by Boyzone

Count In: 32 counts from start of track

[1-8] Step, Forward Lock step, Rock recover , R Lock Step Back, 1/2 turn
1Step forward on Right
2&3Step forward on Left , lock Right behind Left ,Step Left forward,
4-5Rock forward on Right , recover on Left,
6&7step back on Right , lock Left across Right , step back Right
8Make 1/2 turn Left stepping forward Left. [6:00]

[9-16] 1/2 , 1/4 Chasse , Crosss Rock, 1/4 Shuffle.
11/2 turn left stepping back on Right,
2&3Make 1/4 turn Left stepping Left to Left side, step Right next to Left, step Left to Left side,
4-5Cross Right over Left, recover on Left ,
6&7Make 1/4 turn Right stepping forward on right, step Leftt next to Right, step forward on Right,
8Step forward on Left [12:00]

[17-24] Pivot 1/4 Cross Shuffle , Sway Hips R L ,Behind Side Cross.
1Pivot 1/4 turn Right
2&3Cross Left over Right, step Right to Right, cross Left over Right
4-5Sway Hips Right then Left,
6&7Step Right behind Left, step Left to Left, cross Right over Left,
8Step forward on Left [3:00]

[25-32] Rock Recover, Sailor 1/4 Cross, Side Rock 1/4 , Forward Shuffle , Step
1Recover on Right
2&3Make a Sailor 1/4 turn Left, cross left over Right
4-5Rock Right to Right , 1/4 turn Left recover weight on Left.
6&7Step forward on right, step Left next to Right, step forward on Right,
8Step forward on Left. [9:00]

TAGS : (16 counts) At 5th wall dance up to 24 counts - you will be facing 3:00
[1-8] Slow walk into 3/4 Turn Right .
1-21/4 turn Right step forward on Right , Hold
3-41/4 turn Right step forward on Left , Hold
5-61/4 turn Right step forward on Right , Hold
7-8Step forward on Left , Hold

[9-16] Forward shuffle, rock recover, back shuffle , back rock.
1&2Step forward on right, step Left next to Right, step forward on Right,
3-4Rock forward on Left , recover on Right
5&6Left stepping back , step Right next to Left, step back on Left,
7-8Rock back on Right , recover on Left. [12:00]


ENDING : 8th wall dance up to 21 counts after Sway hips Right Left, Make a 1/4 Right shuffle ,cross Left over Right & make a full turn right ending facing front wall.

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