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Thursday, December 8, 2011

IT'S TOO LATE Line Dance

It's Too Late

Count:32 Wall: 4 Level: Easy Intermediate
Amy Christian-Sohn(US) & Yeo Yu Puay(Malaysia) (Dec ‘11)
Music: It’s Too Late by Gloria Estefan (Album: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me)

Intro: 32 Counts. - Sequence : 32, 32, 16, 32, 32, 32, 32, 32, 16, 32, 32, 32.

[&1-8&] Out, Out, Twist ¼ Turn, Coaster Step, Slide R, Touch, Touch Out, Touch In, ¼ Step, Lock,
&1Step R out(&), Step L out (feet apart) (1)
2Twist ¼ turn left, with weight on R(2) (9.00)
3&4Step L back(3), Step R beside L(&), Step L forward(4)
5Big step to right side on R, (R hand - Reaches up & diagonally out to right side)(5)
6With knees bent, Touch L next to R, as L knee is slightly over R knee(R hand – Pull hand inwards towards chest), (Watch video) (6)
7&Touch L out to left side(7), Touch L in, next to R(&) (keeping knees still bent),
8&¼ turn left, stepping fwd on L(8), Lock R behind L(&) (6.00)

[9-16] Big Step Fwd, Full Monterey Turn, Kick, Replace, Slide, Step, Shoulder Pops,
1Big step fwd on L(1)
2-4Touch R out to R Side(2), Full Turn right, Stepping R next to L(3), Touch L out to left side(4), [Easy option for Monterey – Touch R out, Replace R next to L, Touch L out]
5&6Kick L fwd(5), Replace L next to R(&), Step R to right side(6)[Pop R shoulder up as L shoulder goes down on the slide on count 6]
7&8Step L next to R, (Switch Shoulders Pops) 3 times),(7&8) [Option – Do Hip Bumps instead of Shoulder Pops]
RESTARTS happen here on walls 3 (facing 12.00) and 9 (facing 9.00)

[&17-24] Ball, Side Cross Rock, Diagonal Back Lock Back, Sweep ¼ Turn Lock, Step, Fwd Shuffle,
&1-3Step on ball of R, slightly to R side(&), Step L to left(1), Rock R across L(2), Recover weight onto L(3)
4&5Step R diagonally back to the right(4), Lock L over R(&), Step R diagonally back to the right(5) (moving towards 10.30 but upper body turned to face 7.30)
6-7Sweep L back into a sharp ¼ left turn locking L behind R(6), Step R forward(7) (3.00)
8&1Step L fwd(8), Step R beside L(&), step L forward(1)

[26-32] R Cross Samba, L Cross Samba, Cross, ½ Hinge, Touch,
2&3Cross R over L(2), Rock L slightly to left(&), Recover weight onto right(3)
4&5Cross L over R(4), Rock R slightly to right(&), Recover onto L(5)
6-7Cross R over L, preparing for the upcoming turn(6), Stepping L to left, turn ½ right(7) (9.00)
8Touch R beside L(8)

Ending: You will come to the end of the dance facing 6.00 – just touch R behind L and do a slow unwind over the right shoulder

Contact: Amy’s Email: - Yu Puay’s Email:

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