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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Busted Windows - 2011 Taipei IJW Line Dance Workshop (Dance & Teach)

Dance for today, 18 May 2011 in a new venue, Rumah MPMS.

Busted Windows
Wall: 4 Level: Intermediate
Choreographer:Juliet Lam, USA (April 11)
Music: Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan (CD; “Fearless”)

Intro: 32 counts from the heavy beat (start dancing on the word “out” approx 23 seconds into the track)

Sec 1: Walk Forward x 3, Cross, ¼ Turn Left, Back, Rock Back, Recover, Triple Full Turn Left
1-3Walk forward, right, left, right
4&5Cross left over right, ¼ turn left, step back on right, step back on left (9:00)
6-7Rock back on right, recover on left
8&1½ turn left, step back on right, ½ turn left, step forward on left, step forward on right (9:00)
(Easy option on count 8&1: Right Shuffle Forward)

Sec 2: Walk Forward x 2, Step, Pivot ¼ Turn Right, Cross, ½ Turn Left, Kick Ball Point
2-3Walk forward, left, right
4&5Step left forward, pivot ¼ turn right, cross left over right (12:00)
6-7Make ¼ turn left, step back on right, make ¼ turn left, step left to left (6:00)
8&1Kick right forward, step right next to left, point left to left

Sec 3: Drag, Cross Rock, Recover, Side, Cross Rock, Recover, Sweep ¼ Turn Right Coaster Step
2-3Drag left towards right over 2 counts (weight on right)
4&5Cross rock left over right, recover on right, step left to left
6-7Cross rock right over left, recover on left
8&1Sweep right behind left, ¼ right step right back, step left next to right, step right forward
(or ¼ turn right Sailor step) (9:00)

Sec 4: Step, Spiral Full Turn Right, Forward Lock Step, Mambo Forward Sweep, Rock Back, Recover
2-3Step left forward, spiral full turn right (weight on left)
4&5Step right forward, lock left behind right, step right forward
6&7Rock forward on left, recover on right, step back on left & sweep right from front to back
8&Rock back on right, recover on left (9:00)

TAG : End of WALL 4 (Facing 12:00)
1-2Walk forward right, left
3&4Rock forward on right, recover on left, step back on right
5-6Walk back left, right
7&8Back on left, step right next to left, step forward on left

Repeat and enjoy!

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