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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Testing Out a Great Venue for Our Class

I think I have found the ideal place for our line dance class. It has a stage for me to prance around and is equipped with a beautiful sound system, which to me is top priority for our dancing pleasure.
We just walk in with our CDs and dance the night away!. The venue is Rumah MPMS, Majlis Perkhidmatan Masyarakat Sabah ( Sabah Council of Social Services).
Location: The blue roof single storey building is located along mile 2, Jalan Tuaran on the opposite side of the road to the Govt Printers and Wisma Wanita.

1. First you need to drive pass Kian Kok School, along Jalan Tuaran.
2. After driving past the school you will see a cemetery on the hill on the same side of the road. Continue ahead and you will see an inner road parallel to the main Jalan Tuaran road.
3.There are 2 bus stops in the inner road. At the 2nd bus stop the inner road exits into the main road.
4. There is a sign board next to the 2nd bus stop, "Sabah Council of Social Services...etc etc". Our venue is just behind this bus stop, on a higher ground.
5. Just turn left and drive into the gated compound. Its an uphill road
(The govt flats and some private houses are in the vicinity.

We will test out this place for our next class on Wed 18 May 2011. If we like it, this will be our new dance studio!!!!!
In the meantime please check this place out before class.

See you in our next class on Monday 16 May in the Sacred Heart hall.

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