Watch it ! The Pirates of The Caribbean landed in KK on 29 Aug 2012. See all the smiling faces? They have seen their target ! Captain Hook came with sword and HOOK. Where is Captain Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard, the most feared pirate of all?? Missing Pirates are Loi, Diana, Janet , Amanda, Jeanie and Margaret Sinsua, Fung

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Danz4Peace 2011 on 18 Dec in Johor Bahru

The VIP for this year is the very popular Rachel McEnaney from UK.
This annual event is fully sponsored by the Lim Sisters and all are invited FOC.
Last year I attended alone from Sabah and the VIP was Niels Poulsen

Its a whole day (10am to 5pm) affair filled with performances, workshops and jamming sessions in between. Last year many Line Dancers from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia etc attended. More details to be added soon. The jamming list will be out in a few months time.

Its an experience for us to enjoy an International event! And its Free

Let's go, Sabah. Watch out for CHEAP air tickets!
I have also informed other line dance groups in KK.

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