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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Next Wed Class , 27 June 2012 - in SGCC

Time to  revise the following dances below and then we dance together - absolutely no teaching- in our next Wed a different venue:-
Date: 27 June (Wed)
Venue: SGCC
There is a small function room on the first floor with wooden floor and , yes! mirrors.
Each to pay RM10 . 
 dress up, ya...if you like

Dance List
1.Shake It For Me 

 2.Alabama Slamin'   

4.Yode A E Tee 
5.Criple Creek/  
6.  That Person That Love 

7 .
 Had a bad day,/8No Scandal,


Hi-a-ma cha,

 11. Cha Cha Romo/

Language Of The Heart 
  13. Qing Fei De Yi/
14 Little Rumba
15. Had A Bad Day/
16. Where Is The Love/
17. Jamaican Love/
18 Dahil Salyo/ 
19. A Hilbilly Spur/
20. Addicted To You

21Dedicated To My Ex/
22. I'm Glad You Came
23. You Can Do Magic/
26. Sweet Dreams/
25 Shackles/
26.  El Loco mambo/
27. Dancing On A Saturday Night 
28. Eres Tu 
29. Edelweiss 
30. Papi

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