Watch it ! The Pirates of The Caribbean landed in KK on 29 Aug 2012. See all the smiling faces? They have seen their target ! Captain Hook came with sword and HOOK. Where is Captain Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard, the most feared pirate of all?? Missing Pirates are Loi, Diana, Janet , Amanda, Jeanie and Margaret Sinsua, Fung

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pick A Bale

Alison shared with us this simple and fun dance , with only 8 steps.
At each interval , clap 8 times and the tempo will pick up again and again.
I'm sure we'll have loads of fun with this one.

Unknown Music:Pick a Bale of Cotton by John Littleton (75-150 BPM)

Intro: 32 count

Heel touch, Kick x2
1 &Touch Right heel forward, Step Right beside Left.
2 &Touch Left heel forward, Step Left beside Right.
3 &Kick Right diagonally forward Right twice
4Point Right to Right side.

Heel slap, ½ turn Right, Stomp
5 – 6Slap Right heel behind Left with Left hand, Point Right to Right side.
7 – 8Turn ½ Right and step Right beside Left, Stomp Left beside Right.

Tag: 8 count tag after wall 4, 12, 20 & 28 (facing front wall)
Clap hands for 8 counts.

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