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Monday, February 14, 2011

Change of Date for Jennifer Choo's Party & Workshop

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have to bring forward the dates of the 2 functions by 1 day:-
Party Date : Mon, 21 Feb
Workshop : Tues 22 Feb
Regret any inconvenience caused.

Revised Jamming List:-
Jamming 1
1. Come Dance With Me
2. Magic Chaca
3.Rasa Sayang
4. Ghost Train
5. Chaca Chaca
6. Rk Around The Clock
7. Madu & Racun

Jamming 2
1.Love,Love Me Do
2. At This Moment

3. Chachanela
4. Mony Mony
5. Twist With The Fat man
6. Loca
7. I am A Man Like This
8. Get Down
9 What U Waiting For
10. Nobody But U
11. Chica Boom Boom
12. Hello Dolly
13. Under The Sun
14. True love
15 Cha Cha Conchita
16.Dance of Love

Jamming 3
1.Let me Dance
2. Cuban Yeah

3. Don't Cha Wish
4. Burlesque
5. 1234
6.Go Jaded
7. Calypso mexico
8. Shanghai Surprise
9. Berta
10.Hey Daddy
11..For All Seasons
12. Save Your Love

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