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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hey Daddy for 9 Feb 2011

This is a simple cha cha dance that looks deceptively difficult due to the smooth and well executed body actions of the choreographer Nancy Lee (Senipadu). Let's enjoy her signature flicks and hip rolls.
If you can recall we did a dance (Daddy Cha) to this song a few years back. Choreo by Kenny Teh.

Choreographed by: Nancy Lee ( Nov 2010 )
Descriptions : 32 Count -- 4 Wall -- Intermediate Level Line Dance
Music : Daddy by Della Reese ( Album: Della Della Cha Cha Cha)

Intro: 40 Counts

Section 1
1-8 L Touch Forward, Hold, Hips Roll, L Kick Ball Change, L Forward Rock/ Recover, L Side Chasse
1-2 L touch Fwd , Hold,
& 3 Hips Roll ( Front to Back )
4&5 Kick L Fwd (4), Step on ball of Left Foot beside R ( & ) , step down on R (5)
6-7 Rock Fwd on L foot, Recover on R
8&1 Step L to L, Step R beside L, Step L to L
(Harder option for 8&1 : You may do a Triple Full Turn Left by Stepping LRL)

Secton 2
9-16 ¼ Turn L Cross R over L, Recover on L, ¼ Turn R Side Rock /Recover, 1/4Turn L Cross R Over L, Hold, Step L together, ¼ Turn R Step R to R,
Semi Hips Roll ( L to R )
2-3 Turn to ¼ L, Cross R Over L (2), Recover on L ( 3) ( 9:00)
4&5 Turn to ¼ R, Side Rock on Ball of R (4), Recover weight on L (&), (12:00)
Turn to ¼ L, Cross R Over L (5) (9:00)
6-&7 Hold (6), Step L Beside R (&), Turn to ¼ R, Step R to R ( 7) (12:00)
8-1 Semi Hips Roll ( L to R)Weight end on R

Section 3
17-24 Behind, Side Cross, Touch R, Knee Roll In , ¼ Turn R Knee Roll Out, Kick R Fwd, Step Back R, L Back Lock Step
2&3 Cross L Behind R (2), Step R To R ( &), Cross L Over R (3) (12:00)
4&5 Touch R to R (4), R Knee Roll In (&), R Knee Roll Out and Turn to ¼ R (5) Weight On L (3:00)
6-7 R Kick Fwd (6), Step Back On R (7)
8&1 L Back Lock Step ( Back Cha Cha ) ( 3:00)

Section 4
25-32 R Rock Back /Recover, Cross R Over L, Step L Together R, Step R To R Side, Cross Kick L Over R, Touch L to L Side, Flick L
2-3 Rock R Back, Recover On L
4&5 Cross R Over L ( 4), Step L Together R (&), Step R to R Side (5)
6-8 Cross Kick L Over R (6), Touch L To L Side (7), Flick L Behind R (8) ( 3:00)

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