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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A 16 count basic NC2 dance. With basic technique and styling shared by Jennifer Choo, this is indeed a beautiful dance .

Our video clip with will be posted very soon.

Choreographed by: Niels B Poulsen (DK) and Birthe Tygesen (DK) Oct 08
Music: One Sweet Day by Boyz 2 Men & Mariah Carey (CD: 66bpm)
Descriptions: 16 count - 4 wall - Beginner level line dance

Intro: 16 counts from first beat (app. 20 seconds into track)
Note: This dance is a floor-split to the intermediate dance: ‘One Sweet Day’ by Niels Poulsen

1 – 8 Basic Night Club Step L And R, Vine ½ With Sweep, Run Run
1 Take a big step with L to L side [12:00]
2&3 Close R behind L, cross R over L, take a big step with R to R side [12:00]
4&5 Close L behind R, cross R over L, step L to L side [12:00]
6&7 Cross R behind L, turn ¼ L stepping fw on L, turn ¼ L on L sweeping R in front of L [6:00]
8& Run diagonally fw on R towards 4:30, repeat with L [4:30]

9 – 16 Cross Rock, Side R, Cross Rock, 3/8 L, Basic R, Sway, Sway
1 Cross rock R over L [4:30]
2&3 Recover weight back to L, step R to R side turning body ¼ R, cross rock L over R [7:30]
4&5 Recover weight back to R, turn 3/8 L stepping a small step fw on L, make big step R [3:00]
6&7 Close L behind R, cross R over L, step L to L side swaying upper body to L side [3:00]
8 Step onto R swaying upper body to R side 3:00]
Begin again!

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