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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Workshop with Jennifer 22 Feb 2011

We had an enjoyable evening learning some new technique and watching many beautiful dances performed by Jennifer.
We did
1. a warming up dance, COMIC STRIP by Zac Detweiller
2. VICTORY, choreographed by Jennifer.
3. revision for ZOOBI DOOBI (Both Victory & Zoobi Doobi have yet to be been taught in KL- so no posting on youtube nor release of stepsheets for the time being)
4. Revision for Latin Styling in BODY CHA
5. Styling and basic technique for a NC2 (Night Club 2 step) to a dance SWEETIE, choreo by Neils Poulsen.
Even though it was only 16 steps, it felt like 32, at least!
What a beautiful and enjoyable dance
We all loved this dance very much.

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