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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Comic Strip

Warming up dance taught by Jennifer on 22 Feb 2011. It is fun with the Weeeee...

Choreographed by: Zac Detweiller & Jillian Morse (Mar 09)
Music: Comic Strip by Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot
Descriptions: 32 count - 4 wall - Beginner / Intermediate level line dance

Intro: 8 count intro from initial start of music, Begin dance with weight on Right foot, Left toes touching out to side
Cross, Step, Behind, Side touch. Cross, Step, Behind, Side touch.
1-2 Cross Left foot over Right foot, Step Right foot to right side.
3-4 Cross Left foot behind Right foot, Touch Right Toes to right side.
5-6 Cross Right foot over Left foot, Step Left foot to left side.
7-8 Cross Right foot behind Left foot, Touch Left toes to left side.

¼ Left Monterey Turn With Side Touch (2x).
1-2 Make a ¼ turn left while stepping on Left foot, Touch Right toes to right side.
3-4 Step Right foot beside Left foot, Touch Left toes to left side.
5-8 Repeat counts 1-4.
You will have made a ½ turn in (2) ¼ increments of Monterey turns.

Walks Forward With Kick, Step Back, ¼ Turn Cross, Side Step.
1-3 Walk forward Left, Right, Left.
4-5 Kick Right foot forward, Step back on Right foot.
6 Make a ¼ turn left while stepping on Left foot.
7-8 Cross Right foot over Left foot, Step Left foot out to left side (Weight is neutral at this point).

Arm & hand motions with feet in place ("The Guyton Part").
Step Left Forward, Turn ½ Right (Weight To Right).
1-2 Lift arms out to either side with bent elbows, Palms down, and fingers pointed toward the left; With palms still facing down, point fingers to the right.
Resource: Whatever you want.
3-4 Alternate arms (bent at elbows) up and down (opposites).
Resource: Natural selection.
5-6 Make a circle to the right (clockwise) above your head with your Right hand twice.
Resource: Human motion.
3-4 With Left arm across body at stomach level, bring Right hand underneath with fingers pointed out and "snake" hand up, slightly to the right.
Resource: Bring it on down (TAG #2: arm snake).
Repeat – Have fun with this!!!

ENDING: You will be on the side (8th) wall for the last repetition of the dance, bringing you to the front (starting) wall for the final 8 counts. With 16 counts of music remaining, you will repeat the last 8 counts two more times, adding a "shaking" effect to your "snake" hand motion, to end in style while the music fades out!.

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